Apr 5, 2011

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UK Press Event Today – Hands-on For Fans

UK Fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic are getting a surprise opportunity to play the game at a press event being held today by Electronic Arts at gamerbase in London. Fans will be able to play any class on their respective origin worlds (Tython, Hutta, Korriban and Ord Mantell) in one of two 1-hour sessions. Although video or photography aren’t allowed at the event, we’re hoping to get some great hands-on feedback from those who did get to play today. If you were there, let us know you thought!

But before the session for fans, journalists will get a chance to get their hands on the game. Interestingly, there will apparently be some new information shown to them today, however it will be under an embargo for some time, so there likely won’t be any news about it today, or for some time to come:

It’s what we call Immersion Days – similar to ones we held last year (where press got hands-on with the Jedi classes). Everything from this one is embargoed for a while though, to give magazines time to print and press time to write up their thoughts.

But don’t be disappoint –  this means fans have something juicy to look forward to in the near future!

BioWare Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid Tweeted a shot of the special entryway set up for attendees of the event… I can almost hear John Williams’ Imperial March:

Entryway to London EA Press Event

Entryway to London Press Event

Remember, if you were able to attend the event today and get some time to play, please let us know your impressions in the comments below!

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Jan 4, 2011

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IGN Hands-On Preview: Jedi Consular

Today, IGN posted a new writeup from their hands-on session during the recent “Jedi Immersion Day.”

Even though the article came later than most of the other coverage, the author posts some new insights and fairly detailed descriptions of his experience as a Jedi Consular:

Far and away, my favorite ability is Force Wave, an area-of-effect attack that has my Consular jump into the air and with a swirl of the hands send any nearby units flying in all directions.

The author’s previous experience playing a Sith Inquisitor during E3 left him quite underwhelmed, and this new article is quite positive. Apparently having enough time in the saddle gave him the time he needed to be more immersed in the game, and pick up on some of the gameplay nuances. Good news indeed.

As always, as an avid TOR fan it’s a must-read, so head on over to IGN and check it out!

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Dec 15, 2010

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Jedi Classes – Hands-On Roundup!

Although Ask A Jedi was unable to be a part of all of the hands-on festivities that surrounded the EA Winter Showcase, we want to be able to bring you all of the great coverage that is breaking today around the web!

Is there one we missed somewhere? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add it to the list!

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Dec 14, 2010

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IGN Preview – Jedi Knight Hands-On

IGN has posted a writeup and a short video preview of their hands-on impressions of the Jedi Knight class.

Although there is video, there doesn’t appear to be any new footage. And though short, the narrator gives a fairly good and positive overview of his experiences with the game. Still, we’re left wanting more considering they had five hours of hands-on gameplay.

Luckily, we get a bit more with their writeup, which you can read here:

Companions play a role in the world of The Old Republic, something I encounter briefly in an early quest. I venture deep into an underground warren and break free a T7-01 droid. It’s the Jedi Knight companion character, but this early in the game he’s only around for a little while. He has his own skill bar with unique commands, including an electric jolt that helps generate threat for the Knight. He can also sell off junk items from my inventory, an option which I could see being extremely convenient while out in the field far away from any vendors.

You can jump over to the site to read the whole thing, or preview the video below!

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Jun 15, 2010

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G4 Exclusive Hands-On

Well, the 30 minutes dedicated to The Old Republic on G4 TV has just ended. It seemed to go really fast, I don’t remember any episode of Happy Days ever going by so quickly…

With that said, there wasn’t any new information given out at all, which was kind of a letdown. They did however show all entirely new combat scenes, and everything looked really good. The gameplay looked fluid, the combat looked fun, the UI looked polished.

There was  a Republic group of all 4 classes engaged in what appeared to be an instance.  Dallas Dickenson explained the Trooper was the tank holding aggro, and the Jedi Consular was the main healer. So there you go.

There isn’t a video up for it anywhere yet, but we’ll link or embed it when there is.

In the mean time, you can check out our Twitter feed where you can re-cap as we live-blogged it as it was happening.


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