Sep 16, 2011

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Satele Shan: Meet Actress Sno E. Blac

If you’ve been following Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’re no doubt familiar with Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan who made her appearance in last year’s “Hope” cinematic trailer, and was seen more recently in the “Return” trailer.

Without question, she’s going to be a major character in the game. We know that veteran voice actress Jennifer Hale will be doing all of the spoken parts, but how did Satele Shan get her look?

Enter Sno E. Blac.

According to her bio, the actress, model and TV host has been featured in various films and on television, and has been seen on G4TV’s Geek Fantasies series as well as MANswers on Spike TV.

From Sno’s Blog:

“It’s been a year since I first stepped into the studio to get a 3d head scan made of myself after being hired to portray the character Satele Shan in the new Star Wars game Star Wars: The Old Republic. I had to keep tightlipped until the trailer finally got released in summer of this year.”

It’s interesting to note the use of a 3D scanner to capture the likeness of a real actor to portray the digital character. Typically a 3D modeler would create the geometry, and texture artists would use a mix of art and photography to create the look. It highlights the lengths BioWare is going to in order to capture and provide every last detail.

We’re working on getting some time with Sno to talk about her experience working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, so stay tuned!

You can follow Sno across Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Stay tuned for more from Sno E. Blac soon!

Photograph © Sno E. Black All Rights Reserved


  1. She is hott if i may say so…and 1ST!!!!

  2. Pretty sure she’s lying about that… she was tweeting with Rockjaw awhile back, jokingly suggesting that they should hire her to play Satele, him stating that she might be a “shoo-in,” implying that no deal exists, and her likeness is a coincidence.

    Likewise, Reid just asked her who her representation is. :p

  3. Satele looks a lot more deadly.

  4. I sence a great hotness in the force

  5. Hmmm, real world appearance by Jedi Grand Master. I believe the words you all are looking for are “homina-homina-HOMINA!”

  6. Her flickr page just made Grand Master Jedi Shatele Shan a lot more….. interesting…. Me Like.
    ehmahgerd…. here comes the hate…


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