Aug 11, 2011

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Analyst: Star Wars: The Old Republic First Year Sell-Through – 3 Million Units

Doug Creutz, analyst with Cowan FInancial Group today raised his investor rating for Electronic Arts, citing Star Wars: The Old Republic as a catalyst for his decision:

Since ‘Star Wars‘ became available for pre-orders three weeks ago, it has tracked very strongly on the top-selling video games list,” he writes in a research note. “We believe it is trending as well or better than two of the top-selling PC titles last year, Blizzard’s ‘Starcraft 2‘ and ‘World of Warcraft: Cataclysm‘, both of which went on to sell over 4 million units. We are raising our ‘Star Wars‘ first year sell-though estimate to 3 million units from 1.5 million units and our run-rate subscriber estimate to 2 million from 1 million.”

He goes on to list several other criteria to back up his raising of EA’s rating, including strong pre-orders for Battlefield 3.

While we as hard-core fans have no doubt the game will be a success on many levels, having TOR hit this kind of mainstream consumer success would be a win-win, both for EA/BioWare and fans alike. Let’s hope Mr. Creutz is on target!

Source: Forbes

  1. As much as I am anticipating SWTOR this news actually makes me nervous.

    EA isn’t exactly lenient when a product doesn’t meet or exceed their expectations and this being a new MMO it can be tough to determine how many people will actually subscribe after launch.

    SWTOR is highly anticipated but to expect it to do as well as established franchises is putting alot of pressure on Bioware.

    • Don’t worry. We put plenty of pressure on ourselves. ;)

      • bigmike4sale says:

        Omg is that David Bass :O Well, if it it, best of luck to you guys at BioWare and I know already that the pressure you put on yourselves is going to be worth it when this game finally comes out. It’s really something special.

      • David, over the past couple of years the outstanding content that you guys at Boiware have shown us with videos, screenshots, and developer’s dispatches its clear the passion and hard work that is put into SW:TOR! And I, for one, cannot wait to play!

      • Not to mention all the pressure we’ve probably put on you! :)

        Seriously though, everything looks awesome and I think we all just cannot wait to finally get to play.

  2. I have faith that a game Like Star Wars: The Old Republic will most likely exeed the 2 million subscriber estimate! I mean everyone loves Star Wars, so there is a huge audience there to tap, not to mention the MMO gamers that are looking for something new to play. The fully voiced story and the chance to play an iconic role in the Star Wars Galaxy is what will keep people playing this game long after the first month is over. Based upon what we are seeing with pre-orders and forum buzz alot of people really really want to see what this game will do to the MMO genre. I believe SWTOR will not disappoint!

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