Aug 9, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Will You Stick To One Character In TOR?

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The standard cycle of playing an MMO for most players typically involves various activities including, but not limited to: leveling your character to the maximum level, participating in end-game raids, PvP and, possibly, rolling new characters or alts. Rolling alternate characters requires a longer time commitment to keep each character viable and up-to-date, but it does increase the longevity of the game and allows the players to experience something new.

BioWare is adding a brand new incentive for players to roll a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not only will they experience a change of play-style that comes with a new class, but they will go through a completely different story line, meet and interact with brand new sets of companions, fly and upgrade a brand new spaceship and many other unique aspects of starting over. In addition to that, it seems we may get a shiny Legacy System, as reveled in one interview with Damion Schubert, BioWare’s Lead System Designer:

We really want to put in systems to encourage replay. The Legacy System, which we hope to get in, will hopefully be in that venue. I am not ready to talk about what exactly it is and how we do that, but we are really betting heavily on the level up game.

Of course, there are also those players who prefer to invest completely and totally into one main character.  Perhaps others will simply not have enough time to level another character, but hopefully they will eventually be able to experience the story of other classes and not miss out on quite a few hundred hours of BioWare-quality writing.

So with all of that in mind, will you stick with one character? Will you immediately level multiple classes? Or will you take the more popular approach of reaching a maximum level on one character and start many alts from there? Will TOR change your approach to any of this? Let us know below!

Will you stick with one main character or roll many alts in TOR?

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  1. Why wouldn’t anyone roll an alt, on a game that boasts such a large and immersive story; it would be a shame for some one to miss out on the work put in and the content in general.

    • I think the reason would be that, in an RPG, you typically want to advance your character as far as possible… “starting over” with a new charcter means erasing your progress.

    • DozingDawg says:

      My first will be a Smuggler good but down the road will have another smuggler bad or trooper bad if there stories over lap enough. Why would I not want to seemore of the story then the one path?

      • Because in my mind, it is the overal galactic story that is interesting, and I want to see it progress… not another path on my personal story. That seems like a waste of time.

    • I would hope that the game offers so much to do that I would have no desire to play another character. Why would I want to play another character? Am I going to get bored with my main? I hope the game is so much fun and engaging that I would have no desire to play another.

  2. I’m usually a one-character player… but the stories are too enticing here to not try more. Hopefully though there is still a very rich, primary progression system for main characters as opposed to alts.

  3. I will have a main (probably Jedi) that I will play to endgame. The alt will be a BH or smuggler. The storyline for both of those characters sounds very intriguing and should be a lot of fun to play.

  4. I’m planning to play a trooper as a main, but when I reach max lvl and there will be nothing to do, I’ll do my best playing someone from the Empire. At this point, I know I HAVE TO play every character, if not for the gameplay, than for the plot.

  5. MrWarlock says:

    I don’t think i’ve had less than 6 alts in any mmo i’ve played. Which is kind of scary considering how many I have played.

  6. I will lean heavily on one toon, but the class quests for each interest me. Would you buy a very, very expensive book and only read the odd numbered chapters?

  7. I am a one character guy… my game time is extremely limited so any time I have, I want to progress him as far as possible, and I really lose patience when I have to do the same things again on other characters!

  8. I’ve always been into PvP and I’ve found that the best way to learn how to fight a class is to play it as well. This has led me to being an altoholic and I love it. No im not a fotm hopper its more rock/paper/scissors experience. Add extra content that is class specific and I’m sold!

  9. My main will be a jedi but I just feel like to get the true experience of what the game has to offer I will try all classes since each has a brand new story. U think this is what will seperate the old republic from other mmos

  10. I’m not an end-gamer, so I’ll (eventually) be making one of everything. I’m really glad that this game will offer so much replay value. I mean, even focusing on dark vs light choices for the same class will be a pretty different pair of experiences I think. This is all really exciting for me, since I usually wind up making the same characters over and over, and that gets seriously boring.

  11. Father11 says:

    I will play several char, not to max but to try out the play styles and find out which I like to play. I have 5 classes in mind so far, but when it comes to mmo, I need several hours with every class to know what I like. I’ll take those 5 classes to lvl 12-15 kn order to make up my mind

  12. OneCharacter says:

    I hope to stick with one main character and only that character. This is, of course, heavily dependent on how much there is to do after lvl 50 and the rate at which they add new content.

    I played WoW for 5 years. It was my first game ever on a PC so I was completely clueless at first. It took me over a year of sampling to finally find that perfect race/class combo and it always bothered me that I had not discovered it sooner. I always envied those guys who were devoted to one character and they had ALL the good stuff from back in the day that you couldn’t get anymore.

    But now, along comes a game with such an emphasis on story and depth, I have the chance to do it all over again. Except this time, I know exactly what I want. This is the chance for me to engage in a Star Wars fantasy I’ve had for as long as I could remember.

    Ironically, I would almost certainly have a more thorough Star Wars experience by playing each class story all the way through. But in a somewhat strange way, I feel that knowing the depths of another class story would make my own feel less personal. So, while I can see myself playing and enjoying all the classes in The Old Republic, there is only one that I’ve longed for.

    With that said, I am looking forward to spending many years in the game with my character, completing every achievement, maxing out each reputation, exploring every nook and cranny of the world and collecting anything and everything I can.

    This quote from Bioware seals the deal; “You’re never going to get bored with that original character.”

    I have a bit of OCD if you haven’t noticed but, this is the ride I’ve been waiting for!

  13. Karl Pilkington says:

    alright its like you know you want to play more story cuz when you finished theres not that much story left yu know? so why no play all story to get more story yu know wa am saying?

  14. I have 10 85’s in WoW which wasn’t that hard to do. I will concentrate on my Bounty Hunter first and work on alts after that.

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