Dec 20, 2011

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Collector’s Edition Vendor Items Revealed! (Empire)

Happy Launch Day, TOR fans! As many of you are just receiving your Collector’s Editions via the archaic physical delivery system, we have for you a list of the things available for purchase just for you! These are the Imperial versions of the items. The Republic has a different set of items that we will post soon.

The vendor is located on top of the central cantina in the respective fleet stations. To get there, there’s an elevator that will deny you access if you do not have the VIP Lounge Wristband in your inventory – like a mean bouncer, the elevator puts you right out!

Should you have the necessary access, then you will be able to ride up and see a gentleman (gentle-Ithorian?) named Nongta who will sell you various Prototype and Custom items. His current inventory is as follows:

In addition, there is another vendor available to anyone who makes it to the VIP Lounge who sells a vehicle (different name but available to both sides) for 1.5 million credits. That’s 2.5 million if you have the standard edition, essentially (1 million for the wristband and another 1.5 million for the vehicle).

Better get to farming those credits! No better place to start that right here on Ask A Jedi in Blasters, Beggars & Credits!

  1. you mean you didn’t have the 1.5 million credits to buy the speeder for a screenshot for us? how dare you! lol.

  2. Worth noting that the Republic side CE vendor has a corresponding set of companion customization kits, targeted at the first companion for each four classes. Hopefully there will be kits for the later companions as well, but I haven’t seen them.

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