Oct 2, 2011

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French Q&A With Daniel Erickson: Species, Open World PvP And Romance

Guild Chimera has posted a great video of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Meet & Greet last week in France. Daniel Erickson was the man on the spot, and there’s actually some good information, including a comment on just how explicit romance arcs and scenes will be:

Our guide is old 1940’s and 50’s serial movies. We always say if you don’t know about a subject, we’re not going to teach you.

Daniel also talks a bit about world PvP, and what’s behind it all:

One of the crystals got in the hands of Imperial intelligence… and realized there was  technology to be used for ships, not just lightsabers – specifically the crystals on Ilum… The Republic is trying to push them out and preserve what there is about Ilum, and the Empire is trying to mine as much stuff as fast as they can, and has no problems collapsing half the planet and blowing things up… they don’t mind if it’s destroyed when they leave.

And a small tidbit on game master live events:

I very much doubt that we would see game master events. I think those are going to probably end up remaining a relic of much smaller days of MMOs.

Finally, a fan posted an interesting question about the cyborg and species… Daniel revealed there might be some news coming and there will be “one more run” at species! You have to give a listen, let us know what you think it means!

The first part of the video is Daniel giving an overview of the game to the crowd, but the Q&A stats at about 4:15. Definitely worth a watch!

Evènement communautaire français : vidéo et… by Chimaera-SWTOR

  1. I’m hoping for either a SW zabrak, or a SI pure blood.

  2. OneCharacter says:

    Great interview! I love hearing Daniel explain things. He has such a passion for this game you can’t help but feel gitty when he interviews lol.

  3. Then next species one will probably talk about legacy system.

    *fingers crossed* cyborg will be a legacy option for non-force user classes (any species, special back story).

    Does anyone have any insight as to why we can’t play as a Bothan? I was reading in Wookiepedia that Galactic Basic was “based on a mix of early Human languages, Durese, and Bothese.” Doesn’t it stand to reason that they could speak Basic as well as any other humanoid species?

    • IIRC it boils down to one of the big-wig devs being of the opinion we wouldn’t be able to relate to non-near human chars, and two getting armor(especially helmets) to work with the odder aliens.

      • Thanks for the input. I remember reading the first one on a developer post awhile back, but I thought it was address species that couldn’t speak basic or spoke it weird (Wookies). Fully agree with the second point. A cool post launch thing they could add (when adding more species) would be a species specific modding ability > turn a helmet into a bandanna.

  4. Hammerheadcruiser says:

    finaly we learn whats going on at illum! also kel dor please kel dor!!

  5. Grinstone says:

    It’s fantastic that they’re so excited and keen to talk about future features and content, even if only obliquely. It’d be great to have a publisher and devs who don’t feel the need to play everything close to their chest until a week before the content goes live.

    I sincerely hope that they’ll keep it up, even if by April there’ll be the usual gibbering about how “they promised us a new race six months ago omg why isn’t it live yet”.

  6. Daniel said they just got in the Guinness Book of Records for largest voice over project in entertainment. No one comments on this and I couldn’t find anything in Internet. But that is in fact awesome!

  7. “And a small tidbit on game master live events:
    I very much doubt that we would see game master events. I think those are going to probably end up remaining a relic of much smaller days of MMOs.”

    More like a Relic of days where companies still had to put in effort to maintain subscribers -_-

    Just because the game is bigger doesn’t mean, to me, they can’t run some gamemaster live events. Just 2 game masters per server can make a huge impact. That’s 2 GMs per… 10k players or so?

    Back when i played T4C the server had maybe a 1000 players yet there were 4-5 PAID GMs. And subscription fee was lower as well. If anything bigger MMOs have more ability to support these things. But they don’t see the money in it.

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