Mar 1, 2012

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Georg Zoeller Waxes Poetic On Economic Changes In Patch 1.1.5

In a very entertaining blog update, Principle Lead Combat Designer and legendary pit fighter Georg Zoeller provided players with a glance at some changes to the economy on the horizon. In a nice twist, everything was provided in-context and with lore attached. I do believe this might just be the first story-based dev blog. Kudos, BioWare – well played!

Anyway, if you’re a TOR fan and especially if you’ve got your eye on some of the current prizes with the intent to purchase, you’ll want to see what Mr. Zoeller has to say. And remember patch 1.1.5 is available on the Public Test Server right now to check out!

Head on over to the blog entry for the full read, but we’ll leave you with a fun excerpt about the color crystal changes right here :)

It’s been reported that Operatives of the Republic Strategic Intelligence Service have recovered several new variations of color crystal prototypes during a daring raid on a cutting edge Imperial Science Bureau outpost on Ilum. Among the items recovered are a number of rare, purple-hued color crystals, usually exclusive to Imperial-held worlds.

Republic scientists are confident that they will be able to reverse-engineer and potentially replicate the captured Imperial technology, including the color crystals, in a matter of weeks. While most of the prototypes are still being analyzed, it has been confirmed that the Imperial Science Bureau’s “Project Expertise” at the Ilum outpost scored a major breakthrough in the crystal cutting process. While information on the new technology has been kept tightly guarded, we know that the process can create several variants of existing crystal colors which improve the crystal’s natural properties.

  1. Lady Republic says:

    Does anyone know the cost for the various items yet? (For instance, the white color crystals, how much Tier III speeder training will increase, or how much I and II will decrease?)

  2. Zaitana says:

    which vendor is gonna have the white crystal? is that gonna be a vip or ce vendor item? and and please tell me they’re gonna be bind on legacy…

    • Lord_Paladin says:

      none of the above. They are going to be on a new vendor. They’re also not likely to be bind on legacy

      • Lady Republic says:

        Boo! It’s not worth it in terms of an investment for my trooper, because well…trooper. It’s not so much an aesthetic.

        Would be really cool for my sage though – guess I need to get off my lazy tail and start running dailies then.

        • Yeah I will be buying a +31 white power crystal for my shadow (+41 is not worth it (1.5mil for +10 hahahaha)) I will be buying the purple endurance one for my vanguard though. Real easy way to get a +41 crystal.

          (assuming the prices/stats don’t change)

  3. Am I the only one that read this particular bit with interest?

    “In related news, a very limited number of pure white color crystals have been recovered by a Hutt-sponsored expedition into uncharted space.”

    Uncharted space?

    We know these crystals will be high end craftables and/or raid drops after 1.2, and the vendor will disappear.

    New planet in 1.2? :D

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