Feb 21, 2012

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Video: A Look At Star Wars: The Old Republic

In a nice mid-week update, BioWare has released a brand new video entitled “A Look At The Old Republic.”

No MMO launch is ever perfect, but we are pleased to report that the launch of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ on December 20, 2011 was a tremendous success. More than two million copies of the game have been sold, and the servers are full of players logging in to experience their own personal Star Wars™ sagas and to play with friends through the hundreds of hours of massively-multiplayer content.

While it doesn’t contain any new information for veteran players of the game, it’s a neat recap of the game from launch to the present day. According to the video, over 2 million copies of the game have been sold, and over 14,000,000 characters have been created!

There are video vignettes of the live pit at the studio from launch day, and you can see the anticipation of everyone standing around waiting for the flood gates to open!

All in all, worth a watch and especially worth sending to a friend who might be on the fence about giving TOR a try.

  1. Well, this is nice and all but its to “sell the game even more”. It does not show the population imbalance and the lacking PVP balance (to some extent).
    Yes, I am one of those 2 millions but I really am hoping for some “fixes” about illum and PVP aspect of this game.
    PVE is awesome I must agree (tweaking necessary but nothing game breaking).

  2. well currently I play from 2 months already.
    I have two level 50 chars
    I play pvp warzones everyday to make my daily
    the illum pvp is SO SO WRONG
    ant the PVE.. well PVE is not what it was before so I dont really like the pve raids.

    so after 2 months what I have to do ? to play pvp till I get battlemaster .. and then what ? or why … hmm I am starting getting bored

    • I only have a Sentinel, don’t do alts, even my companions are in Battlemaster gear. There really isn’t much to do at endgame other than crafting Rakata gear with augment slots but almost completed that too. The upcoming PvP ranking system better be decent or several will be out the door – GW2 is going open beta in March, TERA launches in May and The Secret World launches in June.

  3. Dirtyshadow says:

    Community member feedback in the video made me think it was a tiny bit suspect… when two gaming “professionals” from Roosterteeth poped up. If only they had the RageQuit guy feedback :P

    Wonder what/who the other “community” people where ?

    • Well, obviously someone who is paid by Bioware. As stated before, raids are nice but I have yet to experience them. Crafting is awesome but some professions are lackluster (armstech for example gives “good” weapons but really nothing else compared to re-usable buffs/healing).
      PvP plays a major part in this game but it is currently broken for the most part: if you are against a premade OR if you see your fellow players having less than 14-15k hp you KNOW you will lose (almost all the time this is true). Illum, again, needs major reviewing.
      This game is fun but could very well exhaust its player base quickly is some balancing/tweaking is not done in PVP.

  4. This video is full of LIES !
    They only show what they achiev in numbers and those nuber are so high only because a lot of people had hope and looking forward for this game as NEXT BIG AWESOME MMO and thats not true at this moment, BW acting like they created best MMO of all times and thats not true. instead of fixing all these f*cking bugs which are still here even after YEAR of BETA testing, they rather nerfing to the death(slicing for example)
    I dont want to write any more a loose my nerves for this game right now.CYA in few months and after some BIG changes and slight balance in PVP.
    in the current state this game is just WoW 2.0 and nothing more.

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