Feb 18, 2012

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J!NX Unleashes SW:TOR Swag!

If you’ve been dying to show your love for Star Wars: The Old Republic outside of Carrick Station, the fine folks at J!NX just gave you a whole bunch of ways to do it! The gaming-culture company probably best known for their World of Warcraft clothing has released a Hutt-load of TOR-themed t-shirts, in both men’s and women’s styles.

There are designs representing every single class, plus you can also fly the colors of your faction… and even reveal if you lean a little to the dark side ;)

We’ve posted a couple shots below, but head over to the J!NX site to check ’em all out and maybe even order one for yourself!


  1. Ordered :D

  2. Imp Agent and Trooper on zee way. :D Your advertising succeeds

  3. Too bad they assume everyone likes wearing black shirts

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