Feb 15, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You Playing Another MMO Besides TOR?

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MMORPGs are interesting beasts. They consume enormous amounts of resources over the course of many years to design, develop and produce. Likewise, they also consume huge amounts time from players, who gladly give it up to enjoy exploring their favorite stories and worlds. I’ve always said that MMOs are consumed more as a hobby than a video game, since the nature of the participation is more of a long-term commitment and investment in improving over time. Not a run-and-gun quickie like a simple 40-hour video game gives you.

Because of this, there’s a widely-held belief that you can only play one MMO at a time… and I tend to agree. There just isn’t a way to fully engage in more than one MMO when you consider what that investment means, coupled with real-life responsibilities. This is why there always seems to be a “war” that someone has to win when a new MMO comes out… because one must stop playing one to start playing the other.

None the less, there are those that maintain that you can play more than one MMO at a time. So that’s the question for today… do you guys play another MMO besides Star Wars: The Old Republic? And I’m not talking about dabbling in a free-to-play title here and there, or the demo of some other game. I am talking about full on commitment to character development and everything the game has to offer. Let’s hear it, hardcores!

Do you play another MMO besides The Old Republic?

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  1. No time to play anything else. TOR = The New Crack

  2. WerewolfGuardian says:

    I technically still have my WoW account, but I haven’t touched it since I started playing SWTOR.

  3. ScytheNoire says:

    SWTOR is dying off fast. It’s just lacking. It would’ve been a great MMO for 2007, but not up to the standard for 2012.

    Not sure how much longer I’ll be playing it, but looking elsewhere for something more long-term. SWTOR won’t have the staying power.

    • You are stating your opinion as fact. The numbers don’t agree with you. You may not like it anymore, but it doesn’t mean it’s ‘fading’

      • I don’t think you quite understand what the numbers mean. For example ScytheNoire is one of the people in those numbers. The early months don’t matter they just show that Bioware’s marketing worked. The numbers by the end of the year will show whether the game is a success or not.

        • When ‘the numbers’ are referred to it is likely the announcements of the 1.7 million ‘and growing’ subscribers that is being referred to. One person leaving does not mean that nobody has replaced them, heck I am willing to bet 4 replaced him, hence the ‘growing’ numbers. You are correct that ‘time will tell’. Success is only measured over time with an MMO. They came out the gate strong now they just need the staying power.

    • So what are the MMO standards nowdays? what this game is lacking of? It is just curiosity

    • What I like about ScytheNoire post is the fact he says the game is dying yet he clearly states that he is still playing it.

      You may be losing interest but it’s not dying if you’re still playing it.

  4. ScytheBlanc says:

    SWTOR keeps gaining speed. It just has so much I don’t even have time for all of yet, let along another MMO. It makes all other MMO look like they’re from 8y ago… and the upcoming ones look like failware.

    Not sure anything can grab my attention away from SWTOR, I;m definitely in it for the long-term. SWTOR is the next MMO giant.

  5. I’ll probably end up playing Guild Wars 2 since it doesn’t have a subscription and Planetside 2 and Mechwarrior Online if I get into their beta’s but overall no other MMO’s interest me.

  6. This is the only MMO i am currently playing

  7. I am currently only playing SWTOR, though my WoW account is still active as well. It is up to Bioware whether or not I stay with SWTOR. If I lose interest I will move on. I am a big fan of crafting and the SWTOR system is seriously lacking. Way to many unknowns in the crafting on reverse engineering. If I can learn something from breaking another item, TELL ME! Tooltips would be a huge plus for this. Plus if you are going to make an entire profession around mods don’t make them easily obtained with commendations. I mean seriously, nerf the market for mods much?

    • Cybertech is not made “around mods.” There is armoring, ship parts, earpieces… Mods is only a small part.

    • If you’re a big fan of crafting, wow shouldn’t be your other subscription. SWTOR is way better than WoW in that regards.

      • > 95% of my time now is on SWTOR; I am not a hater. While it is fun and there is much potential, WoW crafting is more sophisticated.
        By far, the biggest issue is mods & websites (in particular, THEUNDERMINEJOURNAL.com.) The idea that I really should write down the hundreds of things I buy and sell in a day instead of having a mod record them is horrible. Plus, I have mods to tell me which toon or bank alt the mats are on and how many each have on the AH.

        Two things would level the gap:

        1) Modable UI, or even just an XML dump of the GTN and my mailbox so I can code the rest
        2) some craft able items usable by raiders who are not fresh 50s.

  8. When it comes to MMOs I’m a serial mono-gamist. ;-) I only play one MMO at a time but I do cheat now and then with other types of games. Right now I have my eye on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and will probably be picking up a copy of it very soon.

    It’s definitely a bit difficult to juggle multiple MMOs with their different systems, multiple guilds/raiding groups, etc. It’s much easier to handle them one at a time.

  9. I answered no but I will be doing time-sharing once even a glimmer of a beta for Guild Wars 2 comes out. I’ll still be committed but I’ll need to be committed to GW2 as well.

  10. Jeff Hurley says:

    My LOTRO account is paid up for a year, but I have not logged in since December 20th. I may check it out once mounted combat comes this fall. Otherwise I will cancel after my year expires.

  11. My problem is financial

  12. Still playing WOW as my main MMO but liking SWToR as a nice additional MMO on the side.

  13. Played WoW for 6 years, 4 of those were for the guild mates. We moved to swtor guess where i’m going to be ;)

  14. ‘Nothing’ to do at end-game, my friends and guild are starting to login less and less.

    I’m not actively playing any other MMO, but I wouldn’t say I’m still actively playing TOR either – I only login to raid. I tried TERA over the weekened for a very limited time, and will give that a go next beta weekend too.

    • TERA looks awesome, Im definately gonna check that out. However, if it’s another game that had a skill tree it’ll still feel lacking at end game.

  15. My laptop isnt good enough to play swtor so i keep another game on it for those times.im on the go

  16. Lady Republic says:

    Just TOR, here. I only have time to really focus on and keep current with one game, and none of the other offerings have held my attention as well.

  17. Not enough free time to do everything I could be doing let along play another MMO… I am only now starting on alts…
    So no… only SWTOR for the forseeable future.

  18. I play LOL but it is MOBA not MMORPG so it doesnt count :D

  19. Between FF XIII-2, ME3 coming out soon and TOR, I don’t have time for another game, let alone an MMO. That said, I will be splitting my attention between TOR and GW2 once that is released, so I have some single-player games to burn through in the next few months to make room in the schedule.

    No financial limits on how many MMOs I could play, just a lack of hours in the day. I limit myself to one MMO, but for GW2 I’ll make an exception.

  20. Only one MMO… heck mostly it is “only one game” played DA:O for a year, DA2 and ME2 the year after that. LOTRO for some months and now TOR. ME3 will have to wait… a loooong time.

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