Feb 9, 2012

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Republic Trooper: Combat Chatter Episode 9

Earlier this week, several of us at Ask A Jedi had an opportunity to hang out and be a part of the latest podcast from the guys over at Republic Trooper. While I personally couldn’t attend due to some work commitments, Lady Republic and Momus sat with Andy, Dave and Mike to mull over the week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic news, rumors, speculation and more!

Republic Trooper is without a doubt one of the best fan sites dedicated to TOR, and you should be visiting daily if not more frequently. Trust me on this one!

Anyway, we all had a blast hanging out with RT and we hope you enjoy listening to the ‘cast! Head over to Republic Trooper for a listen.

  1. Thanks guys! You were great guests on the show and it came out really well!


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