Feb 6, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: How Long Have You Been With Your Guild?

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Guilds are a big part of what can make MMORPG’s enjoyable. In fact it’s this structure that lets you dodge some of the less glamorous parts of group play – terrible pickup groups, searching for hours on end for a group to play with or that inevitable ninja looter. If you’re playing Star Wars: The Old Republic – or any MMO – and you’re not in a guild, you’re doing yourself a disservice and likely missing out on a big chunk of the fun that the game has to offer.

Over the weekend, Massively posted a piece on The Syndicate. The Syndicate is perhaps one of the most storied long-running guilds on the MMO scene, dating back to pre-Ultima Online. That means they’ve been together for 16 years! They’ve even written not just one, but two books about themselves and the guild. Personally, I prefer the latter one – The Syndicate: Beyond The Legend – which was released just last year.

Personally, I’ve been with my current guild 7 years. I joined them in World of Warcraft just as they were on the verge of clearing Molten Core for the first time and haven’t looked back. We’ve traveled from game to game together, and even though we didn’t stick with all of the games, it’s a nice way to kick off the possibilities of a new world.

So I’m curious… how long have you been with your current guild? Did you just join them for TOR, or have you played with them for years elsewhere? Let us know!

How long have you been with your current guild?

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  1. I started a guild in WoW with my wife and brother purely to get a guild bank to share, back in TBC. None of us were over lvl 50, complete noobs and we didn’t have much cash, it cost the 3 of us our entire collected gold to buy the 1st bank tab. We invited random people we me in-game and rarely advertised, but we promoted a help each other attitude and posted out random drops to each other for free, and we grew. Free guild repairs followed and so did the raid bosses. In WoW, we’re still going strong 3 expantion packs later, still downing bosses, still boosting players that need it and still recruiting people that are friendly, regardless of skills or computer performance.

    Some of us have now moved across into ToR and have over 80 players there now, with the same ethos, again, we rarely advertise, just talk to each other and play nice.

    Sure, super hardcore guild may get the server firsts, but we dont mind that, good luck to them, we trust each other, help each other and down bosses in our own time. Thats how I gets me jollys online.

  2. Met most of my guild mates back in Rift and took the initiative to form a new guild with them. We’re having a blast doing ops, PvP, and leveling alts in groups for mad social points.

  3. Joined my guild back in the beginning of TBC (wow expansion) ever since then, ive been with em in everything except for aion. In one way or another that is;)
    I will continiue to join them in further adventures along the way:)

  4. *checks date* Almost two years now. And I don’t anticipate needing to join another so long as I’m in the genre.

  5. The guild that I’m currently a part of (and have the joy of leading part of) I’ve been with for 6 years and we’ve been together as a group for a little longer than that. We have history all the way back about 10 years and have been playing LOTRO since alpha. We actually have 6 distinct guilds in our group now and we share a forums and vent, as well as costs. We’ve truly become a family and some great friends have been made because of the game. I can’t imagine playing a game without a good guild.

  6. I started my own guild with the request of my brother-in-law. Now we have the largest guild in Colorado. We’ve got over 100 members. http://www.roguetown.swtornow.com

  7. Lady Republic says:

    5 years here.

    I do have to say, I’m surprised at the number of respondents who are not in a guild at all. Not necessarily a bad thing that some folks prefer to fly solo (and TOR is definitely a solo-friendly game, though with nice perqs for grouping too). But I would never have guessed 1 in 6!

  8. Guilds were more necessary when progression used to mean somethin more than grabbin a few ppl and runnin a hard dungeon. They’re still really nice for the social aspect, I would probably never be w/o a guild in a game for that reason.

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