Feb 1, 2012

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1.7 Million Active Subscribers + Growing – EA Earnings Call

In what has to be seen as extremely good news, Electronic Arts announced during their earnings conference call today that Star Wars: The Old Republic has sold over 2 million copies, and currently has over 1.7 million active subscribers – and growing. MarketWatch reports:

“We are pleased to report a strong holiday quarter driven by Battlefield 3, FIFA12 and a strong showing by our digital games and services,” said Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello. “Star Wars: The Old Republic is developing a committed community of players with more than 1.7 million active subscribers and growing.”

Without a doubt, that makes it the fastest growing MMO to date, easily outpacing World of Warcraft, Warhammer, RIFT and others. Of course the test of time will be if they can retain and even grow that number, but I’d say the signs look good!

Congratulations to BioWare, EA and LucasArts on this tremendous accomplishment and milestone! Head over to MarketWatch for the full press release.

  1. Have to wonder if this is subscribers as in people on their free month (from Dec-Jan) or subscribers as in paid for extra month (Jan onwards) though.

    • They said subscriptions, so… the January 20th subscriptions.

    • Merzhinhudour says:

      Since we’re in February, most of the players have already used their 30 days free. Good news anyway

    • Subscribers includes paying and free trial, though most of the trials have run out I’d guess there are still some going from late subscribers. My guess is that paying customers are no less than 1.5 million.

  2. That’s fantastic. One month in, those are some great numbers. Hopefully the word of mouth on this stays strong and more people come and play. It will be very interesting to see Blizzard’s next report on how many subs they lost in this last quarter…

  3. I hate to say it, but when you put in your game code, you had to sign up for a subscription = active subscription. There aren’t 1.7 million active subs right now. A guy has done some serious research, barring pvp servers in NA, there’s only about 85k players on the NA servers. If you read the actual report of the Q4 ending in December 31st, 2011, it says 1.7 million active subs, which is correct. Everyone had to put in a subscription to get their free 30 days. Pure and simple, SWTOR is a half a billion dollar flop. Go check out any server, run around the different zones. Only one that even has more than 100 people on it is the Stations. That’s it. Most are 30ish.


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