Jan 19, 2012

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World First By Condemned: All 16-man Nightmare Mode Operations Cleared

Yesterday will forever be remembered in the annals of TOR history. Not only was the game’s first content update, Rise of the Rakghouls, delivered to players but all of the most difficult raid content was been cleared in what will be known in the future as Vanilla TOR.

Our buds in Condemned, a competitive progression guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic raided through the night (literally) with the impending maintenance window bearing down on them. That effort has paid off as they not only motored through the newly expanded Karagga’s Palace, they sent us the final kill shot of Soa, the final boss in The Eternity Vault, in the wee hours this morning.

Soa down by Condemned - Nightmare mode.

We asked Condemed what they thought about raiding in Star Wars: The Old Republic so far:

All of us at Condemned had a great time over the past weeks progressing through the 1.0 and 1.1 operations content that BioWare created. Our guild has been around for over five years now, and aside from some of the initial bugs and silly RNG mechanics that were present in the Eternity Vault, we believe that BioWare has crafted some of the more creative and fun boss encounters in MMOs. We’re particularly impressed by the responsiveness and timeliness of Gabe, Georg, and the rest of the developers at fixing bugs or broken mechanics, as well as in producing new content – having four new boss fights before the game had been out a month was a welcome surprise.

In addition, the new fights of Karagga’s Palace were both much more polished, as well as having more interesting mechanics than those of the Eternity Vault – proof that BioWare is employing increasingly sophisticated mechanics-design into their operation creation, and that’s a sign that bodes very well for the future.

We’re eager to learn more about new PVE content in March, but until that time, you’ll find us on the PVP battlefields of Port Nowhere (US/EST PVP).

Condemned is actively recruiting at this time, and welcomes exceptional players to learn more at http://areyoucondemned.com

Of course this begs the question: too soon? Raiding in other games has run the gamut from way too difficult (unkillable, really) to far too easy (the most recent World of Warcraft content patch The Hour of Twilight comes to mind.) Further, is competitive progression raiding even on the minds of BioWare right now?

This information has been verified to the best of their (and our) ability, but if you’re in a guild (or know of one) that has done it sooner, let us know!

Anyway, congrats again to Condemned! I’d say they’ve earned their place in TOR history!

  1. First, congratulations to Condemed for getting this achievement. It shows an incredible amount of dedication and committment… and patience! Great job on your accomplishment!

    Second, Yes, I will say “too soon”. I realize that there are guilds out there who are professional raiders and I have even heard rumours of guilds being sponsored by parent companies to run these raids. But.. now what? Since everything is beaten, what do you do now?

  2. Way to go everyone! Much deserved.

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