Jan 18, 2012

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[UPDATED] Ilum PvP Update – Gabe Amatangelo Responds

[UPDATE] Principle Lead PvP, Flashpoints and Operations Designer Gabe Amatangelo has delivered an explanation of some of the problems cropping op on Ilum, along with what BioWare plans to do in the near term. In a nutshell, enemy player death isn’t working as intended, they’re patching tomorrow, and allowing fewer players into Ilum:

Our intended design for Ilum Open World PvP is that players are instantly killed when entering the enemy’s base safe area, just like in Warzones, and that the defending faction can take taxis to other points within the zone. As of Game Update 1.1, this is not working as intended. We have found the issue preventing this from happening under server load and will be publishing an Emergency Patch to address the issue. We’re aiming to have this patch published early tomorrow morning (January 19th, 5 AM US CST).

Be sure to head over to his thread and leave feedback on this important issue! Thanks to @FtenEQ for the heads up!

BioWare is well aware of the discussion surrounding changes and potential exploits to the Ilum open world PvP area that Game Update 1.1 brought with it in the patch. They opened a thread earlier for players to provide feedback in an official manner, and now Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez has followed up with a promise:

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we are currently working on an official response to these issues and we will be posting it soon. Please understand that these issues require some time to investigate and we are making sure that we provide you all with the most updated information in our official response. 

We understand that some of you may be frustrated, but we ask for your patience on this to give us time to respond with thorough developer input. 

Thank you to those of you that have been posting constructively in this thread.

We will have a response shortly.

If you are experiencing issues, head on over to the thread and make sure your input is accounted for!

  1. Thank you to those of you that have been posting constructively in this thread.

    Amen not only does making non-constructive comments identify the poster as an idiot who should be ignored.The volume of those types of comments that are common on games official forums drown out the voices of people who have legitimate concerns.The fact that companies have to waste time and resources sifting through the muck to get to good posts is a travesty.

    • A travesty that could have been avoided if they had worked harder to prevent the thing that EVERYONE knew would happen. Every single person I spoke with before the patch (I play republic, which is vastly outnumbered on my server if not most servers) said “Yup, we’re gonna get facerolled after this patch. Goodbye Ilum” and that’s exactly what has happened.

      It doesn’t bode well that the developers couldn’t foresee what was obvious to most people who so much as glanced at the Ilum patch notes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

      • Absolutely right on this one Kevin. Now the Dev’s need to do something to show the community they are seriously looking for solutions to faction imbalance. Ilum is now a zerg fest for the Sith side which outnumbers Republic on most servers. Wheres the fun in that?

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