Jan 9, 2012

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Off-TORpic: I Find Your Lack Of Cheese Disturbing – Star Wars Burgers

Off-TORpic is our occasional peek outside the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sometimes it’ll be Star Wars. Sometimes it’ll be games. Sometimes, something else all together. But all the time it will be Off-TORpic.

If you’re familiar with the Star Wars franchise at all, you already know that the merchandising that goes along with it knows no bounds. Everything from Dark Side coffee to Taun-Taun Sleeping bags are available to deck out every corner of your home, car or closet. But I think they just took it to a whole new level.

French fast food chain Quick is introducing some new Star Wars themed burgers as a promotion to go along with the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D. And these aren’t just regular burgers. There’s the Jedi Burger featuring Yoda, the Dark Burger featuring Darth Maul and the most amazing one of all – the Darth Vader burger featuring an appetizing black bun!

Mmmm... Darth Bun.

Mmmm... Darth Bun.

The new burgers will be available on March 1st, and to all of our readers within eating distance of one of these Quick restaurants – let us know if you have one, and how they taste! Maybe we should make them the official food of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Nah, Hot Pockets still rule.

  1. But what else is in those big boys?
    /planing trip to France!

  2. That black burger is really disturbing…

    Also: Episode 1 in 3D? I can’t imagine anything SW-related I’m less interested in.

    On the bright side, I might have to order some Dark Side coffee.

  3. I will pay an overpriced ticket to see the movie in 3D (maybe lucas will amaze me but i doubt it) and i will eat this darker than black burger (i live in Paris)

  4. The sauce is strong in this one

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