Jan 4, 2012

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Excessive Celebration Penalty – The Dance Emote Bug – UPDATED

[UPDATE] BioWare Senior Community Coordinator David Bass sent us a note indicating that BioWare is in fact not suspending/banning people from using this temporary bug. BioWare’s 3rd Doctor also left a comment below that should clear things up. We still suggest you don’t do it, though :)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports on a comical but serious combat bug that allows the use of a particular emote to continually interrupt enemy NPCs while in combat, including bosses (or, Champions as they’re known in TOR.) Massively jokingly added that the now proven fake explanation being given to actioned players is that “dancing is currently not permitted outside of special Dance Zones.” In that case, to the Cantina – and bring that boss with  ya!

  1. There is no way that email about the special “dance zones” is real.

  2. BioWare is NOT banning players for dancing. Fake email is fake.


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