Jan 4, 2012

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Community Blog: James Ohlen Talks Bug Squashing

No sooner than did Gabe Amatangelo post an update about PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Game Director James Ohlen did his own post on the progression of bug fixes and patches. James takes a bit of time to help players understand the bug fixing process and why what may seem quick and easy isn’t always so, and how important it is overall:

Almost every week we will be releasing a new patch. These weekly patches are almost entirely focused on bug fixes, minor balance changes and fixing any exploits in the game. These issues are the highest priority items at the studio. They are reviewed by senior leadership on a daily basis. Bug fixes usually take longer than a week to get into the game because we need to fix the issue and then test the fix. Some bugs take longer than that because of the complexity of the issue.

You can head over to the community blog for the full update, and there’s also a thread on the official forums dedicated to discussing James’ update right here.

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