Jan 2, 2012

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Stephen Reid Clarifies Disciplinary Action On Ilum, Credit Farmers

If you’ve been following the community buzz over recent days, you may have heard about some players claiming that their accounts were banned. They explained the banning was a result of taking low-level character to Ilum, which is a high level zone. We even did a Blue Milk & Cereal on it this morning, and as we stated there, we hand’t yet herd BioWare’s side of the story. Now we have.

Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid took to the official forums earlier this afternoon to clarify the recent actions that had been taken on some accounts. Reid explained there were 2 chief causes: credit farmers and Ilum loot exploit that was causing imbalance in the economy. Here’s a snippet:

None of these accounts were banned for their actions and no accounts have been banned for travelling to Ilum while still relatively low level. By comparison, the number of accounts that were warned or temporarily suspended was considerably lower than the number of accounts banned for ‘credit farming’.

In summary, our Terms of Service team took action against a number of accounts that were ‘credit farming’ to remove them permanently from the game. They also warned and temporarily suspended – but did not ban – a smaller number of accounts for activities on Ilum that were decided to be game exploits.

While it’s nice to hear about the swift action of credit farmers, of particular interest of course is the Ilum suspensions. The clarification that there were no players banned for this is a welcome one, because in some sense this is a subjective issue. How is the exploit defined? Is it clear to players? Permanently banning legitimate players based on creative use of game mechanics is a slippery slope, so it’s good to see that wasn’t the case here.

Head on over to the forums for Stephen’s full comments, and get involved in the discussion.

  1. Irishninja says:

    The exploit thing i believe was the people that were bringing in alts on the Rep side to capture pvp points on Ilum, so the Imps could quickly capture them back and get points. Apparently the guys over at Darth Hater were having loads of fun with this exploit: http://swtormovies.com/movieview.php?id=663

  2. I just perused that thread and my head hurts reading all the threads from the complainers. Though I did get a chuckle from reading the one or twontrolls promising this is going to be the downfall of SWTOR.

  3. Come on Lethality…creative use of game mechanics? Bioware should reserve the right to discipline players that are clearly exploiting the game. Accidents and mistakes happen, but when players are exploiting the game where it is clearly not intended….beware:)

  4. To me this brings to light a larger problem. Ilum is is a problem and largely pointless. I was actually yelled at by my own faction for killing a republic in the warzone. Everyone was letting the republic cap so they could retake and repeat. I wasn’t upset, but I realized they were right. There is no point in fighting over that area.

    That place needs a re-work, because right now its largely pointless.

    • Its pointless because players dont actually want to pvp, they just want the dailies and weeklies to get gear. It is not a design problem, it is a playerbase problem.

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