Dec 30, 2011

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Datacron Guide – Starter Worlds (Video)

Our buds over at TGN.TV are constantly cranking out high-quality Star Wars: The Old Republic video content.

Not only do they do SWTOR Weekly with us, but they produce a metric parsec of other stuff as well, all of it high-def . Take for example this video guide on the type and location of the datacrons on all 4 origin worlds.

While these might just be the starter worlds, Awall tells me they have plans for video guides for ever single datacron in the game… so if you’re one of those people who “gotta get em all” I’d suggest paying a visit and giving it a bookmark!

  1. Two of our guild members have taken it upon themselves to catalogue all Empire Datacrons too.

    Videos are spread across both channels amoungst some general Fuse stuff, but take a look and

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