Dec 10, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Which Warzone Do You Like Best?

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War is a big part of the Star Wars mythos. There is nearly always some type of Republic vs. Empire battle going on throughout every movie, TV show or video game. Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different. Heck, from the opening moments of the Deceived trailer, we saw what was perhaps one of the most bold assaults by either side on the other in the history of the franchise!

The cool thing about an MMO is that we get to play out that war against other real players! In TOR, there will be many ways to do this including open world PvP, the innovative and high-risk Outlaw’s Den and last but not least Warzones.

Warzones are instanced areas that are designed for a specific number of players, and have objectives and rules that define the conditions for winning. They’re great because they give some of the best team-based gaming experiences you can find if you work together (and some of this most frustrating if you don’t!)

TOR will ship with 3 Warzones: The Voidstar, which is an assault-and-defend style battle. Alderaan, which is a class battle for control points, which turn the tide of battle. Finally, and perhaps the most interesting, is Huttball. Here, the Hutts are using you for entertainment as you participate in a really violent sport where you have to get a ball across enemy lines. A little like football, but with more fire, poison and explosions!

Each represents a different style of gameplay and visual environment, so based on what you’ve seen and heard about them so far, which do you think will be your favorite? Perhaps you even had a chance to play them in Game Testing or one of the Beta Weekends. If you did, we’d love to hear about it below!

Which Warzone do you like the most?

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  1. I hated Hutball when I played it in the closed beta a few months ago. I played it again in the ‘open beta’ in November and I actually really liked it. Though you need a lot of teamwork, so it lends itself better to premades. I also still find the Ball Throwing mechanic a little clumbsy.

    @Lethality! Do you think there will be PvP-stat mods so that you dont HAVE to wear the PvP armor sets but you can turn orange type customizable gear into PvP gear by buying PvP mods from the vendor?

  2. I like huttball only because you can get a lot of PK in it. I’ll let others pass the ball around.

  3. I don’t like any of the Warzones because none of them are based on my favourite Warzone the Alterac Valley.

  4. I like them all tbh, although Alderaan is my favourite. Hutball is very fun when you have a good team, however if you don’t it can be a pain in the ass. The Voidstar is a nice concept, but I feel games in there can either go one of two ways, its a quick rush to cap the data, or you are sat for two rounds where neither team seem to want to advance. All in all cant be happier with the War zones and they have done well by only implementing three, leaves room for many more in future expansions.

  5. Voidstar was just broken at beta. It was impossible to stop the enemy team from downloading the data. Simply broken.

    My vote goes to Alderaan. I enjoyed it the most.

  6. Loved Alderaan the most, followed by Huttball.

    Voidstar was hit or miss for me.

    I am curious to see what other warzones they have on the horizon (think a Hoth based one would be cool).

  7. Well out of the three, I like voidstar best. Mostly cause the way I view it is.

    Alderaan: It’s like a game of conquest where there are 3 points and you hold them for as long as you can

    Huttball: Some what like a game of Neutral Flag (or whichever gametype it was) from halo, you get the objective in the middle and bring it back to your base.

    Voidstar: It’s like a game of Rush from Battlefield. If on offense, you destroy the objectives and move up till the end. If on defense, you keep the enemy from destroying the objective.

    In the end, I like the Rush type games personally, and that is just a little chart on how I personally view it :)

  8. This was a bit of a hard decision for me as there are things I like and dislike about all three of them.

    Alderaan got my vote because all things considered it’s the easiest concept for players to grasp and the simplest one to coordinate. It’s SWTOR’s version of Arathi Basin/Battle for Gilneas, and I like that a simple battlefield can translate to more complex gameplay because there’s not so much going on that’s distracting you or pulling you away from your primary objectives. Sometimes the simplest games are the most rewarding, and so far I find that to be the case here.

    Huttball is a ton of fun and possibly the most enjoyable overall, but it’s also the most unbalanced. Ranged classes have a definite advantage here and for new players that don’t know the map or don’t know where the button is to throw the ball (or how/when to throw it in the first place), there’s a lot of potential for frustration here. Without those drawbacks, Huttball would have been #1 for me, but with them I can’t honestly say it’s my favorite at this time.

    Voidstar is the one I find the most frustrating because it’s really hard to coordinate a pug. Some classes have definite advantage here as well. For example, if your team has few/no AoE abilities it’s harder for you to defend, where if you’re AoE-heavy then you can play horribly and still put up a near unbeatable defense. However, playing this map as a class with stealth was incredibly fun even though I went through the offensive stage doing almost no damage/healing thus ending the match with horrible scores despite being the key to a fast victory. So some good/bad points here as well, though I did still really enjoy it when the teams worked at all together.

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