Dec 7, 2011

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Client Launcher Update – Public Test Realm Incoming?

Yesterday there was a minor update to the Star Wars: The Old Republic launcher app, and a small patch as well. We don’t know what the patch was for since we can’t log into the game servers and there were no notes, however we do know that the launcher now includes an interesting new option: Enable Public Test Server Access!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Launcher showing the Public Test Server option

Star Wars: The Old Republic Launcher showing the Public Test Server option

As seen in the screen above, this option was added to the settings panel where previously the only available choices was to select your language preference. James Ohlen talked about their desire to have public test servers available back at PAX in September, and again at the recent Fan Site Summit, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but it’s nice to see. The question is, when will this test server make it’s debut

In addition to the Public Test Server option, there is now also a Repair function. We presume this will work in a similar manner to other games, though I’ve never had to use one before. The patcher usually takes care of all of the dirty work automatically.

Small patch being applied.

Small patch being applied.

While the game client was indeed patched, it’s safe to say that this is not the final patch before launch, when MMOs typically receive a zero-day update before the game goes live. As mentioned, though you can log in, the “Play” button remains unelectable, and the launcher messaging indicated that “there is no active subscription currently on this account.” A link is provided for activation, which is where players will likely be asked to enter their game code from their download or physical packaging, granting their license to play the game.

No loggy :(

No loggy :(

As a reminder, BioWare has stated that if you played during or after the November 25th beta, you do not need to re-download and re-install the game client. You can if you wish to optimize disk space, but if you don’t, it will still patch to the live version for you. If you played anytime before November 25th, you will need to download the game client again – information about which we are expecting soon!

  1. I hope that they do not make a Public Test Realm in the same way that Blizzard implemented theirs for WoW. It became so ridiculous as to make one think that there were actually two different games going on, one on the PTR and one on the Live servers. I don’t mind if they are trying out different functionality, but if it becomes an early preview of how to derive Boss strategies and whatnot, then Bioware will be doing themselves a HUGE disservice and some serious long-term harm.

    • Not if it’s used properly. There have been multiple occasions where serious bugs or tuning issues in boss fights have been found thanks to public test realms. Yes, players can use it as a way to start learning fights before they go public, but they can also serve some beneficial functions.

      Of course, much of that depends on how well Bioware tests their own stuff. If they have enough internal QA to not need us testing bosses for them, then the point is moot. Generally, however, public testing is beneficial. If it bothers you, just ignore it. You don’t have to play on test realms or really worry about what others do.

      • The problem with wows test servers is that the top guilds DO use them to get a jump on strategies and progression. That is really the only reason they participate. Dragon soul went live last week and basically every top guild had been clearing normal dragon soul FOR WEEKS before the patch. This ruins a part of the progression, IMO, you are starting out weeks behind if you don’t participate in the PTR as a progression guild.

  2. Lephoenixlord says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m still kind of new to the MMO thing. What is a public test server and what is its purpose?

    • Normal servers are what you play your characters on everytime you log in and want to progress.

      A PTS (Public Test Server) is a a specific server that is reserved only for players to test the game. Not for progression.

      As the game gets older, BW will be adding new content possibly things like more Flashpoints, Raids, Warzones in patches and updates. Also expansions will most likely come out that will increase the level cap and add a whole bunch of new content. To test all this new stuff, the PRS is helpful in getting players to find ways of breaking it as well as give feedback, think of it as a beta test server.

      Hope that clears things up for you.

  3. The launcher patch also fixed the NULL error message whenever the launcher closes.

  4. During the most recent fan-site convention it was asked if TOR will have a public test realm. I think Ohlen was talking and he said yes. He mentioned that it would be silly not to have the patches tested by the public and with thousands of people hammering on the code.

  5. “Just play the F***in game, noob!”

  6. Anyone know if it would be possible to copy the downloaded and patched game to a new computer instead of redownloading the whole thing?

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