Dec 5, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Do You Think About Veteran Rewards?

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It is no secret that BioWare, both as a company and as a developer has many fans that love and value the games that it has created over the years. There are a great number of fans who were extremely excited when Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced back in 2008 and have been closely following the course of the game development ever since. These players have been following the game for over 3 years, and it’s not even out yet!

This got me thinking. Will TOR have some sort of veteran rewards for loyal players who have either followed or played the game for any lengthy period of time?

Certainly this isn’t the first time such system is being talked about or implemented. Star Wars Galaxies has a veteran reward system that allows players to pick a reward once they accumulate a certain level of consecutive activity. More importantly, it allows players to trade these items, allowing true collectors to become virtuosos in their area and others who are not interested – at least to gain some in-game currency for these rewards. This would seem to play right into the social plans BioWare has for TOR as well.

What do you think? Should player loyalty be rewarded? Should TOR have its own version of veteran reward system? Let us know!

What do you think about veteran rewards?

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  1. I like the idea but also and no offense but its a bit premature to talk about veterans rewards this early I think. Maybe after 2 years it would be a good idea. After the honeymoon is over.

    • I agree with this post somewhat. I think it might be a good idea, if implemented correctly, but it seems a little early. I also agree with the other posters’ sentiment that if implemented, rewards should be for aesthetic purposes only.

  2. If every one of my characters, now and forever, get access to all of the perks, then I’m game.

    If that’s not the case, then screw it. I roll far too many characters and delete/reroll too often to take advantage of this type of thing and in the end it would just piss me off for not having access to things that I “earned” on old characters that I no longer play.

  3. I am meh on them. It’s always neat to get stuff but I would rather other systems and content get worked on and put in.

  4. I love the Idea but not from day 1! Dark Age of Camelot actually added a Title Lateron (Urgestein in German, idk the English Version but i Assume Veteran would fit).

    Say: Add them with the first expansion pack. This way many players will have come and gone and the title will be unique and grow in its “uniqueness” over time :)

  5. As long as they are aesthetic rewards, i’m all for it. It’s always nice as a player to have the people running a game give you a “thank you” item for long-term enjoyment of their product.

    • Rasmus Lauridsen says:

      If veterans rewards should be in the game they should be purely cosmetic.

      SWG had some amazingly stupid items like the resource boxes and the no decay thingies to put on your weapons and armor.

  6. Darkthunder says:

    One thought, would be to make it “Character Specific” Veteran Rewards, and have the rewards count based on time /played.

    It never made sense to me that veteran rewards in other games, are automatically given to every existing character AND every new character that you might create months/years from now.

  7. I think at the moment the proposed perks and rewards for the Legacy system will fill this niche quite nicely. Rewarding the more ‘seasoned’ veteran later on might be nice as well, but it shouldn’t be anything powerful or game changing, recognition, surely, but nothing above that.

  8. I would love for veteran rewards! Just not to the point that it alienates you from other players. In Aion, they give out bonus xp things. my new toons have so many of them, i can go from 1-55 and still have some left over. New players don’t have this, so I outlevel them quickly. THis is something i wouldn’t want to see in veteran rewards, This and anything that would enhance one players abilities over another.

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