Nov 30, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Server Type Will You Play On?

No day would be complete without the breakfast of Jedi: Blue Milk & Cereal.  Every morning, the team at Ask A Jedi will get Force-induced thoughts coursing through your head with delicious issues from around the galaxy! Join in the discussion below to make your voice heard!

It’s hard to believe we’ve never done a Blue Milk & Cereal on this topic before, but I had our official AAJ fact-checker look into it and he confirmed that it’s true.

A while back, BioWare revealed that there would be four official server rulesets: PvE, PvP, RP, and RP-PvP. Each of these represent a potentially very different gameplay experience.

PvE servers are great for those that like to go about their business while doing missions, and not be interrupted or attacked spontaneously out in the wild (unless they accidentally wander into Outlaw’s Den, of course ;)  PvP servers are for those players that like the excitement that comes with knowing you are in danger nearly everywhere you go. A fight can break out almost anywhere, and that feeling can be exhilarating. RP and RP-PvP rulesets aren’t really mechanically different than their counterparts, but offer a “sanctioned” place for role-players to have an environment more suited to their play style. It should be noted that BioWare will not be enforcing the RP rulesets, which is a bit of a letdown, but at least they’re an option.

By now I’m sure you can see where we’re headed with this one… we want to know what server ruleset will you play your main character on. Vote, and let us know why (or what you don’t like about the other rulesets!)

What server type will you play your main character on?

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  1. i will roll on a PvE server. I played since 2007 till 2011 on a PvP server in WoW and the needless ganking killed so much of the game for me that I decided to roll on a pve server in The Old Republic so I can enjoy the game how I want it. Without having to worry about getting facepalmed by a Bounty Hunter’s missile.

  2. Well anything PVP has built in rule enforcement, step outside a safe area and you are free game.
    The RP is a tough one, as I know a lot of players that prefer the higher level of immersion, and without any GM/Server enforcement it will be up to the community to coach and cajole those on it

  3. I’ve always been a hardcore PvP player, because I like being able to both defend my friends and attack whenever I feel like it. Running right next to your enemies all the time feels weird.

    • I agree with this especially in the context of star wars as i know it. Only thing that keeps me from rolling a pvp server atm is griefing. I will never understand why/how higher levels enjoy camping lower levels.

      I would only play pvp to engage a similar challenge. I find it no fun rounding up a bucnh of level 1 squirrels as a level 50 to one shot with my AoE, same thing applies to level 50s ganking level 20s.

  4. Never tried pvp server in other games, felt it might be more fun.

  5. I’ve never had much interest in PvP, either organized or more freeform in the open world. With TOR especially I want the ability to go about experiencing the story without looking over my shoulder.

    My RP needs are covered elsewhere, and so the choice for me is PvE.

  6. PvE all the way! I don’t have much time for PvP.

  7. WhiteWarrior says:

    PVE. I can always travel to outlaw’s den if i feel the need to do some open world pvp :)

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