Nov 25, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: So, Are You Gonna Play Some TOR This Weekend?

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The day has arrived! Literally millions of players have been waiting to get their hands on Star Wars: The Old Republic, and beginning today they will get their chance – from the comfort of their own home!

The massive beta weekend, known as an “open beta” in other MMO circles begins later today and while it’s technically invite-only, everyone who has signed up on has been invited, in addition to hundreds of thousands of others via beta key giveaways from various gaming sites. It’s safe to say this will likely be the largest MMO beta test in history.

What remains to be seen, however, is if this is the last beta weekend – or for that matter, the end of the entire Game Testing program. Will BioWare continue testing right up until launch?

So today’s question is pretty simple! Are you going to be playing this weekend? Do you have time set aside? Or are you going to fight the urge and hold out for the official release?

Are you going to play TOR in this weekend's "open" beta?

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  1. Yes. I’ll give a shot!

  2. Rath Arkanos says:

    Hellz Yes I’ll be playing this weekend. Being Canadian means that this is just another normal weekend for me… so I’ll be playing the moment my “Play” button unlocks lol

  3. While I’d be more than happy to help the bioware crew testing, I’d rather enjoy the game come launch for the first time alongside my gaming friends :)

    Also, living in the uk where we have dire internet bandwidth, that beta client is too big to justify a weekend of play

  4. I look forward to seeing how Bioware adjusts to the volume of players. It will be a great way to see what launch day will be like.

  5. Where is the option for “No, I’m in full beta and I’ll wait until the login queues are gone?” :P

  6. Wish i had more time to play this weekend. My sisters birthday tonight, tomorrow another birthday and this suday we also have stuff to do :S… oh well ill try n play as much as i can.

  7. i skipped out on so much just to play the beta this weekend…MUST PLAY OUTLAWS DEN!!!

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