Nov 24, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Thanksgiving Edition (Or, Should TOR Have In-Game Food?)



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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers in the US!

This would seem like the perfect time to do a Blue Milk & Cereal on wether or not TOR should have in-game holidays, but we did that a while ago. Instead, I thought it might be interesting to focus on one of the central themes of Thanksgiving: the feast! While it certainly isn’t only reason for the season, it’s better than talking about doorbusters.

Traditionally, MMORPG’s have had food and drink items in-game for characters to consume. Sometimes these would provide a combat buff, sometimes a restorative effect and sometimes just something fun and social. In many cases, these items were also available for players to produce via in-game crafting and gathering systems.

Until recently, we didn’t know if Star Wars: The Old Republic would have food or drink consumables. None of the Crew Skills offered the ability to make these items, and only recently, with the drop of the NDA, we learned that some cantina vendors sell a few select items such as  Peppered Bantha Steak and Spiced Nerf Milk.

But is that enough? Should these kinds of consumables be more widespread, and perhaps craft able by players? Let’s talk it out below!

Should in-game food and drink play a larger role in TOR?

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  1. Phoenix8387 says:

    I frankly don’t care. Since they offer buffs, I’ll use them from time to time. But it’s not a big deal to me. For RP’ers it’s probably a big thing though. Like I said before, I rankly don’t care one way or the other.

  2. Lephoenixlord says:

    Let’s be honest: Han Solo definitely drank and flew at some point, why can’t I?

  3. I like almost anything that adds another layer of depth and complexity to the game. Another way to maximize your game play and improve your performance. From that stnad point I am all for it.

  4. First I should preface this by say I had max cooking on 10 of my wow toons before I left in January.

    I voted no for three reasons. One, food would be just another group of items taking up inventory space. Two, every class can regenerate health without eating and maxing the primary buff more would add no additional complexity to min/max. Three, stat giving foods seemed to NOT Star Wars. We already have biochems, why would I eat breed to +5 cunning?

    That being said… I would love a social only cooking profession because getting drunk and setting up banquets in WOW was fun.

    • I disagree with you saying it adds no complexity to the game. Running a well organized guild that works together to ensure everyone has the proper buffs does in fact offer more complexity to the game. There may be better ways to do it, but dismissing it doesn’t make sense.

      • It’s not that I’m saying there are better ways of doing it, its that they already are doing it a different way so nothing is added.

        To clarify :) The way food buffs are used are essentially the same as Biochems(alchemy). Given their similarities either one adds “complexity,” but together its just another consumable buff that serves the same purpose.

        The class buffs on the other hand force you to balance a group composition in order to utilize their unique buffs, which is different from either food or biochem (consumable buffs).

        • I think you are assumming that they don’t stack. I am assumming that they do.

          I am not really for or against food buffs..I am in favor of some depth and complexity.

    • Mac'N'tosh says:

      +5 cunning could mean the difference between successfully taking down a boss and wiping.

      I think of it this way, just cause it’s not there now, doesn’t mean they can’t introduce it in the future. They will need to add something new to future expansions, yes?

  5. Happy mother fing thanksgiving!!!!!

    i want my sith to be a drunk…

  6. Eh… you don’t have a ton of inventory space as it is. I definitely wouldn’t like any implementation of having to eat or drink, there are enough credit sinks in the game as it is.

  7. ScytheNoire says:

    I want to get drunk in game and then use a lightsaber or blasters. Why won’t SWTOR let me get drunk in game?

  8. Voted Yes.

    The being non-heroic option shouldn’t count as nutrition is a necessity for all beings – the Force may sustain you, but after a while you too will succumb to even the most base requirements ;)

  9. A few are fine for novelty, but adding food buffs does not contribute to the complexity or difficulty of the game. It gives raid leaders another thing to constantly remind their players to bring, and players a new thing to forget and get yelled at over, but at the end of the day it is just making existing numbers bigger. Their inclusion, if they provide a noticable effect, would mandate Bioware to consider them used by all members for raid and balance encounters accordingly.

    We already have stims, and there is indeed little heroics to be found in grocery shopping and dining. Keep it like that.

    • It absolutely does as to the complexity of the game. You can’t deny this. What you can say is that there are better ways to do it or more star wars appropriate ways, but saying it doesnt add a layer to buffing is silly.

  10. I the RP aspect it can bring. And it makes the game more immersive imo. When I’m eating to heal or buff I wants omething with a real name not “Buff Food 1”, “Buff food 2” etc.

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