Nov 23, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Do You Craft For Fun Or Profit?

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Crafting has always been a big part of MMORPGs. On one end of the spectrum, it might function as an entire gameplay path of progression, while on the other end the system can be as simple as click-n-build. And systems existed everywhere in-between. The first Star Wars MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, garnered praise as having one of the best crafting systems in a game – ever.

Along with that, developers have also had different visions for the role of crafting in their game. Blizzard is famous for stating that professions in World of Warcraft aren’t intended to be money makers, but to be fun and a way to enhance your character. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare has stated that they want dedicated crafters to gain recognition on their server, and also be able to make some money.

So when you craft (if you do) do you do so with the intent of equipping yourself and your guild with the best possible gear for the level they’re at and the role they play? Or are you in it for the credits, playing the market and keeping a close eye on supply and demand, producing products en masse for sale?

Do you craft more for fun, or with an eye on profit?

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  1. By profit, I assume you mean cash? If so, then neither. I craft for upgrades. I’m hoping that TOR crafting feels more fun though compared to other MMO’s.

    • It does. It’s also addictive. And expensive. And rewarding.

      The consensus I’ve seen is, “Not as good as SWG, but better than the other MMOs,” though I’m assuming no one is talking about EVE because all those people are busy playing and profiting.

  2. I usually craft for myself. So Fun is my reason for crafting. I really don’t craft for a profit. Unless it’s a guildy who brings some form of compensation to the table for my time and materials =)

  3. This care good points guys I added a 3rd choice, Utility! I should have had it in from the start.

  4. “Fun” and “profit” are the same thing, to me. :)

  5. Profit and utility, much more utility I think.

    I will take biochem to be independant in regard of flasks and potions (I think biochem is about this but thats pure speculation, as the DH database is not quite complete yet. But the “not consumed on use” items took my interest.), that’s the utility side, and next selling them to the GTN for profit. But as I am a nerd in regard of optimisation and theorocrafting I will soon enough dump bioanalysis for another bonus related (boe items &co) crafting skill like artifice or maybe cybertech, don’t know yet.

  6. Sometimes fun, sometimes profit. In wow I maxed all proffs. If I wanted profit I would work my chanter or JC. All others were just for fun or my own characters.

  7. Fun. If it’s not fun, why bother doing it?

  8. I get fun out of being profitable, its a part of the game for me as much as story lines. PVP’rs look at kills, End raiders look at End Game progression, and for crafters look for profit margins.

  9. Definitely fun! I horded gather mats to the extreme and use them for crafting on new toons. In wow I had max cooking and first aid on 10 different toons just for the fun of it (precata)… or maybe it was boredom.

  10. I craft for Fun, profit and utility. But this game’s crafting is mainly profit and utility. That isnt to say it isnt fun, but it pales in comparison to more hands on crafting like in EQ2.(best crafting ever) imo ofc

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