Nov 22, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You Trying Harder To Avoid Spoilers?

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As most of you reading this right now know, just three days ago the NDA on Star Wars: The Old Republic was officially lifted (dropped?), and  fan sites, blogs and online communities everywhere were flooded with new information ranging from rare colors for lightsabers to pictures of the Emperor. While I’m sure we’re generally excited to see this influx of info, for a game that is as heavy in its story department as TOR – spoilers can potentially ruin the excitement of discovery – a big incentive for many players.

BioWare has recently created a separate “spoiler section” on the official TOR forums to try and mitigate it somewhat, but  every now and then, you will see a thread title (fully unintentionally, we’d like to think) mentioning something that is supposed to be discovered by the player. As with any game, the closer you get to release – the higher the chance that someone will spoil the ending for you (not just games, by the way, think of “Snape kills Dumbledore” spoilers). That is why a portion of the player base usually decides to avoid all large communities to prevent any of the game story being spoiled.

There’s no question that as of a few days ago, it’s gotten a lot harder to avoid spoilers. The question is, are you doing more to avoid seeing them? Let’s hug it out below!

Are you doing more to avoid spoilers now that the NDA is lifted?

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  1. Neither response works for me. I do care but I’m not having trouble because I can tell when something is going to be spoilerific and have the discipline to avoid things I don’t want to know about (yet).

  2. Knowing that something happened makes me want to know the why and how of it. I HAVE to find out what made that particular event happen.

  3. I’m not totally against the spoilers, but it’s more of the fact that I don’t want to spoil it all and I know a few tidbits won’t tide me over. So I tend to avoid the spoiler stuff on the internet but I will be playing in the beta this weekend. Does that make me a hippocrit? I dunno.

  4. Unless they show the Ending to the BH story line there is nothing there that can spoil it for me. Most video’s are just those that filmed some game play or pvp.

    Also If I can’t choose the option I find it boring to watch the VO’s and just skip over them.

  5. Master_Allan says:

    It doesn’t matter if you have foreknowledge of a game before it is fully released. it is the Journey that matters. The people that are going to play the game will probably enjoy having foreknowledge of the content, and will most likely strive to encounter it, and probably spend a lot of time level-grinding just to be able to compete in the endgame content.

    For everyone else who wishes to be blind, deaf and dumb, then they can blissfully play the game without having any information prior to logging in and playing the game for the first time. Unfortunately for most of these people, they will probably be called “N00bs” by the masses.

    • I think the poll is mostly referring to story based elements (screen shots of the Emperor) and cool things that you discover in game (rare light saber colors). Not so much gameplay and class mechanics, things that one might be labeled a noob for not knowing.

      If it’s a guild run, there’s also nothing wrong with not wanting to know how to tackle every boss fight before you go in. Part of the fun is figuring it out on your own, and not having your hand held by a guide or walkthrough. Although in PUGs I always ask what a bosses mechanics are before going in if I don’t know the fight. Just don’t feel like putting up with people that have been through it 100 times, who can’t understand that everyone has to start somewhere.

  6. Don’t bother me one damn bit about spoilers, like someone that has previously stated “it’s your journey that matters”. My main will be a Marauder, so i’m just staying away from the SW story till launch.

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