Nov 20, 2011

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Embeddable Skill Trees And More From R2-Db

If you think you’ve seen all you need to see about interactive skill tree calculators, think again.

R2-Db, the original and authoritative database site for Star Wars: The Old Republic, has introduced their skill calculators, and they didn’t stop at simply letting you spend your points and fill your tree. They’ve created skill tree calculators that tie into the rest of the services on R2-Db, including their new Guides system. What does this mean? It means you can design a build and embed it right into a guide that you create! This goes way beyond simply “voting” on someones build. You can put your entire character build and strategy online for everyone to interact with, discuss and maybe even improve on!

But that’s not all. Right now, these skill trees are embeddable in R2-Db posts, forums and guides. But soon they will be embeddable right on your own site, your guild’s forums or anywhere that has the R2-Db Powered Script installed!

It’s important to realize that R2-Db is not only the best database site for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that they have features and infrastructure that are truly next-gen. From a built-in reputation system, level and achievements you can earn by just using the site and even your very own inventory called The Stash.

Also, I’ve seen some of the things they having coming in the future, and trust me, this is where you want to be. Don’t settle for the cut-n-paste DB sites based on other games – R2-Db was created for TOR from the ground up. ┬áHead over now, and while you’re there, create an account and start taking advantage of all of these cool features!

Yes. You will soon be able to embed this right on your site or forum! No more "check out the link to my build."

Yes. You will soon be able to embed this right on your site or forum! No more "check out the link to my build."


  1. I look forward to the custom guides area. Micro-guides will be the way in this game (imho) as all the classes and crew skills are vast in their complexity. So small targeted guides will be much easier for players to digest.

  2. ScytheNoire says:

    R2-DB site is barely loading right now, and the game hasn’t even gone live. Not sure they can handle the traffic. Meanwhile, TORhead loads and works. Gotta say, I’ll go with loading and working.

  3. I am not seeing any issues with the site loading, in fact I am in there playing with the ‘create your own guides’ section.

  4. No load issues at all here.

  5. Seems the skill calculators are still missing the connected skills in their calculator (f.inst Clairvoyant Strike in the Shadow Infiltration tree requires Low Slash), so it’s not quite the best thing since sliced bread yet. But I’ll grant they have some good ideas going on in terms of providing information in context (guides, answers) rather than just raw data. At present it would seem that torhead has them beat in that department (with the caveat that I have no idea how accurate any of the information is).

  6. I hope that it will turn into a nice looking database, but right now they are behind the ball as the talent calculator is not even up to date. has a nice clean look, is up to date, and has been slowly adding things to it as it is verified. They just added codex entries today.

  7. I’d prefer or they are more accurate and polished.

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