Nov 10, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You Excited For A Hutt-based Operation?

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BioWare has been showing off the Eternity Vault – the first Operation (raid) in Star Wars: The Old Republic – for some time now, and it looks amazing. It seems to have all of the gameplay and teamwork that you’d expect from ¬†high-level end-game PvE content. You can check out a 10-minute walkthrough of the first boss with BioWare’s Dallas Dickinson right here!

Of course, just one Operation wouldn’t be the beginning and the end of it. We knew that BioWare would have more raid content available to players at some point. Recently, they began teasing the idea of a new Operation, this time involving the Hutts. As a matter of fact, you can see the tease on the recently revealed Operations game systems page over at

The shadowy image of peering through a grate into an unknown Hutt’s inner-sanctum certainly paints a picture for what we might expect! Now, I may not know everything about Star Wars lore, but I can’t recall a Hutt being very agile – or even just mobile. It will be interesting to see what a raid inside of a Hutt palace might look like!

So, are you excited at the possibilities for a Hutt-based raid? Why or why not? Perhaps you have an idea for a different raid setting entirely! Let us know!

Are you excited at the possibility of a Hutt Operation?

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  1. I don’t actually care about the Hutt’s so no I’m not excited but I’m sure it’s going to entertaining as it was in Return of the Jedi.

  2. As mercenary as the Hutts are I can imagine that an operation revolving around them could include almost anything – especially plenty of Light Side/Dark Side choices. Mercenaries and droids will likely be the order of the day, and though I can’t see a Hutt launching itself at the players in an attempt to slime them there might be a Baron Harkonnen-esque hover Hutt lurking about.

    Then again, who’s to say the players aren’t defending the Hutt palace rather than attacking it?

  3. Falling through a trap door to face a very agile pet

    • Ya just *know* it has a Rancor in there *somewhere*….

      • “You all laughed at me when I decided to pick up and bring along that rock. Who’s laughing now, huh?!”

        Maybe the hard mode will involve a pleasure barge and a sarlacc?

        ** We’re sorry, your character is currently in the sarlacc. Please try to log in again in 36,453 days. Thank you. **

  4. I don’t believe that in the “Hutt operation” you would defeat a Hut as a raid encounter, it’s not like they have any combat or force abilities. Perhaps you’re colaborating with the Hutt to defeat powerful prisoners of theirs, though it would be tough to weave the story of that into a compelling final boss.
    This is just my personal speculation of course.

  5. Two words: Ran… COR!

    Also, fighting a Hutt doesn’t seem that interesting, but the menagerie of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and other things could certainly prove eventful.

    Here’s hoping the final boss drops a Kowakian monkey-lizard vanity pet. :)

  6. I’m excited for any operation. Bring it.

  7. I am very interested in the loot concept in it. Hard to find, possibly illegal or banned substances and items sounds like a great time.

  8. As a neutral faction with both Empire and Republic vying for their support it doesn’t seem like raiding a Hutt palace would be a favorable course of action… unless the raid focus is more about rescuing the Hutts than fighting them in the end? Guess we’ll find out when they update the page or we’re there with 15 of our friends. ;)

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