Nov 7, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Info Do You Hope Comes Out Of The Fan Site Summit?

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It’s early-morning Texas time on November 7th. The sun is peaking over the horizon thanks to the time change over the weekend, but not even this unholy hour can quell the excitement – The Fan Site Summit starts today!

As you may have heard, BioWare is hosting another Fan Site Summit (the last one was in April of 2011,) and Ask A Jedi is honored to be here for it! Last night, the pre-Summit festivities kicked off in style with the customary drinks in the Westin lobby bar, followed by a true Texas BBQ experience at County Line (transported by a calvary of taxis, it was a sight to behold.) The night was capped by a few more drinks at the w xyz bar at the nearby aloft hotel. Our buddys over at TORWars have a great gallery covering all the shenanigans if you’d like to catch up!

However, the reason we’re REALLY here begins today. We’ve come to find out what BioWare has in store for all of us who are so patiently (?) waiting for TOR to arrive on December 20th. The itinerary shows that we’ll be playing the game a LOT, but the specifics are murky. There are also some developer Q&A sessions in which we hope to data-mine their brains so we can bring the info right back here for you all to devour.

Which brings us to today’s topic. What exactly is it that you hope to hear coming out of the Fan Site Summit? Are you looking for new reveals? Or maybe more detail on something we already know about? Obviously, a poll on this kind of question can only take us so far – let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!

And be quick about it – maybe we can take some of these demands across the street to the BioWare Austin studio with us in an hour or so!

What info do you hope comes out of the Fan Site Summit?

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  1. picked other, coz I want all of the above ;)

  2. anything crafting releated.

  3. Pong Krell says:

    Make a game of how many times you can get them to say “we can’t talk about that” some 37 days before early access?

    Ask them why Sages and Sorcerors get 5 times the combat resources of any other class?

  4. Some more infos about templates would be great. :)

  5. Some information on the legacy system would be nice.

  6. NUMBERS!!! Maybe some talent stuff.

  7. It’s a Zlatto post ….. So Crew Skills !!!
    How about a simple start to finish item and adding the mods.
    I am not asking for an item DB reveal just aresource to end product walk through to help spark crafting exciting for the next 40 days

    • Yeah, this would be nice.

      An update on the mod system itself as well. It was in and seemed liked by the forum goers, then dumbed waaaaay down supposedly, then told a new version was in internal testing…so where is it at now?

      Can you still mod level 15 gear all the way up to best end game gear?

  8. A complete and authoritative list of which voice actor/actress does each of the class/gender combinations.

    I’m sick of digging through murky speculation and random interviews to look this up. It has to be finalized by now, so could we pretty please get the full scoop?

  9. WhiteWarrior says:

    Would like to hear definitively what races are available for which classes.

  10. Yep, I gotta say that the one big unknown that remains are crew skills. Some more information on that would be most excellent.

  11. Lazybuddha says:

    That they are dropping the NDA.

  12. I will be happy to read about anything ya’ll can squeeze out of em there. I agree it would be really awesome to see a crew skill progression video!

  13. OneCharacter says:

    While I’m not too concerned with learning anything new about the game (at this point, I know all I care to know) some details on the Achievement system would be pretty cool since that’s one of the features I’m most looking forward to.

    Above all though, I would like to know what the “Recommended Specs” needed to run the game are going to be. I’d like to see just how much I can get out of my current system.

    A little more info on Early Access couldn’t hurt as well. For example: knowing which day we will get in based on when we pre-ordered. And also, the list of live servers and their datacenter/coast locations. But I’m sure those details won’t be out until later this month or the next.

  14. Character creation, and the full list of race/class combinations.

  15. I don’t expect any information at all to come out of this. It’s just a handjob for the fansite operators to keep them in line and quiet. The community will get nothing out of it.

  16. CRAFTING! I want all the dirty little details on crafting.. and guy have a great time.


  17. Hey Lethality- Are you going to ask on Mac Development during you’re time?

  18. Crew Skills, been waiting on a big crew skill update a very long time now.

  19. Some information about those Beta Weekends and the ongoing beta testers, especially given EA said they would be getting loads more people in.

    I hope those fan sites attending are pressing Bioware on the issue!

  20. Stuff, I’d like to hear about stuff. Not story stuff, that’d ruin it, but definitely some stuff.

  21. hakugojoichi says:

    I wouldn’t mind hearing about how early access is going to work for those of us in “the red zone”, just curious if we even GET early access :/

  22. Voted Other – All I really wanna see coming from the Summit is more confirmation that ToR IS; indeed, fun to play and a solid MMO.

    Like so many others in the community, there are loads of questions I want answered about many aspects of this game but tbh I can wait till Launch and answer them myself.

    Keep up the good work and keep that info flowing … :)

  23. I doubt we’ll get any new info out of the summit, but I hope they’ll reveal what the deal with surnames is. Erickson’s been very slippery about that.

  24. Hammerheadcruiser says:

    I want more Illum! how do you get robots and more troops and troop vehicles like from the signs of war videos. like do the AT-OLD-TE walkers move a certan distance before disgorging there load of troops or what? and are the giant walkers helpfull? I would like them to work like the robot from the eternity vault, with batterys included!

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