Nov 4, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You A Screenshot Junkie?

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One of the coolest things about MMO games are the worlds they take place in, and many of us like to consider ourselves digital photographers in those worlds. Players like to take screen-shots for various reasons, ranging from the desire to capture something spectacular, or simply to document something a friend says for later “use.” Regardless, taking a screen grab brings out the photographer in all of us.

If you haven’t caught on by now, I would fit in the category of “screenshot junkie.” I’m always looking for something cool, or breathtaking to snap a picture of. I was the one in past guilds  who took the picture after a guild event, like the first kill of a long-hunted raid boss. I have pictures littered across computers and image hosting sites. I’ve lost pictures I forgot about and stumbled across them later only to be reminded of the story behind them. Just like real photographs!

I’m curious to see if BioWare will do anything to show off pictures that come from the players. Will they do something similar to what Blizzard does and have a gallery and label one picture as, “Screen-shot of the Day”? Maybe they’ll ask for submissions and an occasional Fan Friday will highlight screen-shots. Some games even have a way to take screenshots in game and publish them directly to Twitter or the web!

Would you call yourself a screenshot junkie, or not? Possibly you’ve never considered yourself one, but do take the occasional snapshot. Maybe just prefer to look at the works of others.As a matter of fact, if you’ve got one somewhere on the web you’d like to share, drop a link in the comments! (Editor’s Note: I can tell you the all-new AAJ coming soon will have a gallery for players to show off their best shots!)

Are you a screenshot junkie?

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Internet Dragon

  1. Will be interesting to see if people without the Collectors Edition and the DDE will even be able to screenshot as it seems you need to Holocam to do so (not that I care, Fraps will handle that for me), and if not, what sort of outcry that will cause.

    • Bielduwyn says:

      Don’t forget that you can link any program on your PC to Steam and use its overlay for easy screenshotting too.

      But yeah, I would be disappointed if people who buy the regular edition in shops would actually get punished by not having such a basic functionality of any other MMO.

  2. I put not really. I do take the shot every now and then and post it to my Community/Guild Web sight.

  3. I do not take screen shots either, but my guild has done it to showcase special events or achievements.

  4. ScytheNoire says:

    Only screenshots I typically take are of my character every week (or X levels) or so to see how they change over time. Those I enjoy.

  5. I’m the occasional screenshot taker, although I might turn into a “junkie” with the start of the new game.

    If I do screenshot stuff, I tend to focus on the quirky little things you find in game.

  6. I don’t see a major difference between the first two options. I wouldn’t consider myself any of the three options you listed. I take screenshots occasionally, but it’s typically when I find something funny in a game or when we would down the last boss in a raid. And I don’t look through others shots much.

    • I’m with you Barrista. I’ve met real SS junkies, and I definitely do not fall in that category. I tend to take pics when something really strikes me.

      For example, every time I had a character ready for the Burning Crusade content, they would pose for a photo in front of the Dark Portal.

      Another time I tend to take a photo is when downing the final boss of a raid for the first time. Or if not the first time, the first time with that particular toon.

      Lastly, and my favorite types of pics, are those I took when I was just goofing off with friends. I have pictures of stormwind guards frantically looking for my stealthed rogue (after just slaying the bankers) as well as some close friends riding around azeroth in pirate costumes getting into trouble. Or the time we rolled gnome DKs on a pvp server and tormented horde in the hellfire peninsula.

  7. I loves me some screenshots. I still have several folders with old screenshots from WoW, which i haven’t played in two years.

    I’m a guild leader, so i take shots for guild events, bosses killed, and the like. It’s also just fun to have a visual record you can look at later and remember things you may have forgotten about, or wonder why in the world you ever took that shot. Plus, sometimes people say and do things so stupid you just have to capture it for posterity. :)

  8. Not really, maybe from time to time pr in certain special occasions (hardmode kills, good scores, funny quotes from game master etc..) and I watch them 2-3 years later. It’s kind of fun to see.

  9. All such flighty matters are written boldly in the waters of time…and so don’t even last long enough to be noticed, and so pass quietly by in the stream.

  10. I voted yes but I don’t do it often. If there was a vote for ‘I take screenshots every now and then, but just of things I find interesting.’ I would have selected that.

  11. Bielduwyn says:

    I’ll readily admit that I’m a video game shutterbug, I love taking pictures of cool landscapes, interesting characters, important RP moments and just various screenshots of my characters for reference’s sake.

  12. Wannabe Jedi says:

    I love taking screen shots! I’m that annoying person you quest/raid with that randomly yells “STOP! I must take a pic! NOOO DON’T MOVE!” I have many many pictures on my computer from my wow days, I even have some on my cell phone from those moments I got something awesome and had to text it to my friends and show it off lol.

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