Oct 26, 2011

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Got Questions? R2-Db Has Answers!

There are many questions to ponder while one fiddles about on the information super-highway. Questions such as, what are the seven words that you cannot say on TV? Was Caligula really that bad? Who won – the Hatfields or the McCoys?

For those with a more focused approach, or, more pertinently, looking for answers to their TOR related queries, R2-Db has ’em! Or, at least a series of answers predicated on the question being asked. R2-Db, in case you’re not aware, is the preeminent database for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Come launch, you’ll be there every day. Trust me.

Besides the incredible database, another major feature is the Questions system. The system is very cool and very straightforward. The first thing you need to do is sign in (if you don’t already have an account on R2-Db you’re missing out – not to mention the resource it will be come launch!) Then, go to the Questions page, and post your specific request for knowledge. As R2-Db is as much user-generated as database-driven, you’ll get an answer from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

I just gave them a marketing slogan. You're welcome, guys.

The system leverages the strength of the social network, and you can up-vote or down-vote the various questions and answers. Doing this makes these items rise to the top (or sink to the bottom) thereby adding value and context to the information that’s available. Asking for obscure information on a minor character in the extended universe might not get you very far, but you can always try your luck; however if you keep it TOR-focused your chances are good!

Perhaps the best part is the pervasive tagging system for quickly finding information. Considering the droves of questions an MMO tends to produce, being able to search through questions and answers based on tags (i.e. like tagging “Mankrik” and “Barren’s quests” and “where is”) should reduce the amount of time it takes to find what you’re looking for.

Let the questioning (and voting) begin!

The system relies on participation, so don’t hesitate – jump on over and start asking (or answering!)

R2-Db has a lot of other interesting features as well, including a reputation system where you earn reputation for providing good answers and asking good questions. Gaining reputation causes you to “level up” which unlocks features and other perks on the site! Getting involved now means more points, and being in a better position to give good feedback, both on comments and, of course, in the answers! So head over, die hard database junkies, and enjoy.

  1. Nothing quite like an MMO database with no data in it.

    Bioware’s NDA makes these things pretty useless right now.

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