Oct 16, 2011

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Darth Malgus Action Figure Coming From Hasbro

If you’ve been waiting for Darth Malgus to arrive, and by that I mean in ways other than as a raid boss in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you don’t have much longer to wait!

The folks over at ToyArk.com bring us news out of the Hasbro Star Wars panel that Darth Malgus himself will be available as part Wave 3 of the Star Wars Vintage Collection this coming April. I’m unsure why he wouldn’t be in the Expanded Universe collection, as the Bastila Shan figure is, but either way, with Malgus poised to be a major character in the game, this is great news!

They managed to snag a snapshot of the slide, and while there’s not a lot of detail, it definitely looks like they’ve captured the essence of Malgus, and quite a step up from the Bastila Shan figure as far as quality goes.

Time will tell, but in the mean time head over to ToyArk to check out other Star Wars tidbits if you’re interested!

UPDATE – Stephen Reid provided a better shot of the prototype figure from his Twitter account. I think it looks pretty good for a mini figure.




  1. Aweful, to say the least. Just like the bastila figure.
    I’m so happy they dont produce the CE figure.

  2. Should be a good year for TOR toys! Did you catch the LEGO rumor list posted by JediNews that included a “The Old Republic Starfighter”? The thought of TOR LEGO is too awesome! :)

  3. ScytheNoire says:

    The guy who makes his own figures does a better job. Check out Sithfire at blogspot http://sithfire.blogspot.com/ to see his awesome work.

    • yeah, i like sithfires better and hasbro should had him make the sculpt on him, it would have been a better figure, but for people to collect figures, customs don’t hold value as an investment, cause customs are only worth as much as someone is willing to spend on them, and if you pay like $90 for that figure and the ntry to resell it for that same price, more the nlikely you won’t get it…i was trying to get sithfire to make me some of these to sell in my store on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Imperial-Toyz/137345522999499 but he wanted alot of money and i couldn’t do it, he wanted over $100 to make one and if he had to make 5 that i wanted he was going to charge me $500 before shipping and as a business, i can’t dump that much money and hope to make something on them, so i couldn’t get it done and i was trying to get him to have them done by march this year too and he was like no way on 5 figures from october/november when i asked him till then, and he said no way it can be done by then….so anywayshis is still better loking but customs are over priced and if you want one wait till it comes out in a few months and the nget one from hasbro, cause honestly it will hold value better the nthe bastila did and i have a feeling this figure from hasbro will be short printed and rare like darth revan was 5 years ago…just sayin…we plan on having a bunch of these for sale and whe nthe pre-orders are available to me to get the cases i will be posting pre-orders for him on my page!!

  4. Erm.. he has something on his forehead.. to say the least.

  5. If you read closely, you will see that this is the prototype, not the final product.


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