Oct 13, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You An Alt-o-holic?

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You’ve probably crossed one of these people before, or you may even be one yourself. They exist in every MMO, and there’s no indication it will be any different in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m referring to altoholics.

For those who might be unaware, an altoholic is a person who loves to play many different characters, or “alts”. They might work one character to max level, then begin on another. They could also level characters at the same time, spending equal time on them as they work towards the level cap.

There are many reasons players might do this. For example, they might have different characters with different crafting and gathering professions so they don’t have to buy from others. They might also have a character for each of the three game specializations (healing, dps, tanking). In the case of TOR, BioWare is hoping people will want to see the stories attached to different classes.

I don’t classify myself as an altoholic, but I have a feeling The Old Republic will make me one. I’ve always had one character at the level cap that I solely focus on. But TOR is giving us eight different classes. Eight stories that will be completely different from one to the next. Sure, classes will follow the same leveling path, and the similar planet arcs. But, I’d play them just to see the individual class story lines they have.

Are you an altoholic? Or do you keep your attention solely to one character? Maybe, like me, TOR will change your ways? Why, or why not? Let us know!

Are you an altaholic?

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  1. I will be the first to admit, I have 10 level 85’s on one server as well another server have a few level 80’s as well 70’s.

    I will be doing the same in TOR but with a twist. 8 on a pve server, 8 on a pvp server, all level capped.

  2. I was not an altoholic until WOTLK came out in WoW due to being bored all of the time. At that time I had ever class to max level execpt a Rogue. When Cata came out I had one of each role Mage, DK Tank, and a Priest and if I was still playing I would have level up all of my classes.

    While I am getting ready for ToR I have made plans to have each role on each fraction and what crafting profession to have to be self sufficient. This stims from my lack of interest in PvP and Mini games to “kill” time. If i am not doing something “productive” on my “current” main (I can never stay with one “main” for any length of time) I would rather be leveling up another character’s level or crafting skills.

    (productive to me is working on getting an upgrade on gear or a skill not getting an achievemet or a title.)

  3. First question: where is the “Hell yes” option? :P

    I’m very much an altoholic. My reasons are twofold: one, I like to experience what all the other classes have to offer. Two, advancing at higher levels can become something of a chore and it’s fairly easy for me to fall prey to the desire for instant gratification when I play my games.

    There are also advantages to having several highly, if not fully, advanced characters. In WoW, for example, I had virtually every gathering and crafting profession covered, at max level, with one or the other alt. If I needed something it was only a question of hopping on the appropriate alt, gathering and crafting as needed, and mailing off the result. (Altoholic: best addon EVAR!)

    There are also disadvantages. In CoH I have two or three level 50 characters and literally a dozen or more languishing in the 20s or 30s, with perhaps three or four in the 40s. This isn’t really terrible since I’m not a “must get to 50 and do task forces!” type. And, in my defense, CoH will turn nearly anyone into an altoholic.

    However! I will try very hard to get my first character to level 50 before I make any alts. I won’t even make any other characters “just to have them ready” or to save a name, or anything like that. The moment I have another character ready to play… game over, man! Game over! There’s no way I’ll be able to resist playing it.

  4. I would say Maybe, based on the fact that I will want to see all the stories. Really though, I only want to play my main and probably one alt. I like to try to do as much as possible on one or two characters as opposed to a whole bunch who do different things.

    So even though I might roll up characters to play through their stories, I’m not going to consider them alts as I really won’t play them outside of that.

  5. I am one that usually changes focus on the faction side when new releases come out. I find the new content spurs me to change sides, work up to the newest cap on the other side.

  6. Absolutely.

    I like to experience all of the different classes, and leveling is where I get the most enjoyment. I don’t usually care for end game much, so when a character reaches the level cap it’s time to delete them to free up the character slot so that I can reroll a new one.

    I’ve reached max level in WoW several times, and when I cancelled my subscription I still had either six or seven toons that were level capped, but with the exception of arenas with the guildies I never played them.

    For me, leveling alts is where it’s at.

  7. I am somewhat of an alt-o-holic. I did have one of each class leveled to cap in WoW. I had my PVE toons and PVP toons. It first started when I would have locked out my main from raids and deceided I would make another to play with other raid groups. I am sure I will make some alts in TOR, but not till I max out one and have idle time.

  8. I am not an Alt-o-holic by nature… I have played many MMO’s ranging from subscription to free play / fantasy to sci-fi and everything in between and the only time I have ever had an alt is because I wanted to test out the classes to see which one I really liked, then I deleted all the others when I found what I wanted…

    With SW:TOR every class looks amazing (Except Agent: But I will still play it for the experience) and the advance classes look even better… I’ve already chosen my main Character to be a Jedi Knight/Guardian Advanced because that is what I have always wanted to be, but I plan on playing ever class/advance class in the game.

    16 characters is a lot to go through and my plan is to make each character… get them all to level 10 so I can chose their advanced class then Level my main class to cap and go from their alternating force users and non force users going through all the 4 republic then 4 empire and keeping that pace till all 16 are at cap…

  9. Hi, my name’s Poop and I’m an altoholic. [HI POOP!] Ty all. Wait a sec, I dont want to recover from this addiction. :) I think I’ve voted on this on AAJ before. Oh well, dont mind confessing again.

  10. Like the fella up top, I too have a full server of 85’s, and a couple of 80’s on another server. But it’s not just “that game,” my alt-a-holism extends to just about anything with characters and gear.

    Neverwinter 1 & 2, Sacred 2, Titan Quest, the Diablos back in the day…

    I love sorting gear down through my alts – and before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I don’t EVER take from other players, either in rolls or even if I, personally, get a non-bound drop. If I’m with someone else, I’ll happily hand it over to them if I even think they can use it.

    If its in a game that has mail, I’ll even mail useful items before they go into the “alt” pile.

    Still, I love that alt pile! Dunno why, not that organized in real-life, that’s for certain. I suppose part of it is twinking the alts, but part of it is just the sheer joy of finding something for the right character, mine or someone else’s.

    Wow. I feel like I’ve just come to a realization about my deeper motives. Thank you Dr. Jedi!

  11. I have always been an Alt-O-Holic. I always want to play one Character of each Class, and one male/one female of each Race/Species. I expect swtor to make my Alt-O-Holism even more extreme – I plan to play 16 Characters – one of each AC. Luckily, I have plenty of time to play. :-)

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