Oct 7, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Will You Participate In Guild Events?

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Guilds, clans, warbands or whatever they decide to call themselves are a foundational part of the social aspect of the MMO genre. Your guild becomes your in-game team or family and they are the people you can turn to for help, support or just an overall good time.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic it will be no different. These are generally the people you’ll group up with for Flashpoints, PvP  or even just for leveling. Eventually, you’ll be meeting up with various members to take on Operations, when you’ve reached max level. It will take a well-practiced team to overcome these challenges, so having a good guild an familiarity between members is essential.

But that’s not all there is to it. Some guilds, most likely long-established ones, organize and hold various events for their members to take part in. It may be something as simple as a PvP tournament or it could be something more extravagant that takes multiple days to accomplish, like a guild anniversary celebration.

If given the opportunity, would you participate in these events? Have you participated in these events before? If so, which ones were fun? Post below any ideas you or your guild, have come up with…if you can share! ;)

Will you participate in guild events?

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  1. In the past, we have done quite a few guild events in Star Wars Galaxies. Back when the devs would do events for you we had some pretty cool famous faces. Boba Fett, Emporer Palatine, Darth Vader,Han Solo and Chewbaca. One of the most memorable events was my fight with palapatine in the Jedi Enclave on Yavin 4. We had about a hundred people there when palapatine showed up, After the duel hundreds of boss level emporer hands, dark jedi, and At-St’s spawned and it took a couple hours of lag filled fun to clear them out.

  2. Grinstone says:

    Yes, if I have the time and opportunity to do so I will participate in guild events. Perhaps not in every single event, but I’ll try to be there. For me a guild is more than people to raid with. I like to try to become a part of my community. Guild events are a part of that, and they can also be a means to get in touch with other guilds and folks at large on the server.

  3. Meathooks says:

    In my guild, we mostly spend time raiding, working on gearing our members up. But we have had some days we set aside for general foolishness. I remember in LotRO there was an area in Breeland where you could play tag/freeze tag. Messing around with certain character abilities made for some fun times. Hide and Go Seek was another fun one. Putting on a concert with the instruments in LotRO was great times. Little games like that, that are guild organized can really help to mold a guild together. It can make your guild into something more than just a group of people who help each other get better gear. You actually become something of a family and your guild will last longer because of it.

  4. Lord-Maknoe says:

    As the guild leader I will be participating in some of the events. Unfortunately I have to do more spectating and hosting rather then actually fighting. Imagine doing the alderaan PvP map and I personally won? Guild members don’t like it when their leader wins all the glorious prizes and not they themselves.

  5. Nightwind50 says:

    Rp events are particularly fun. One of the best times I had was with one of my old guilds and we held an in game wedding as our GM and another guildie were getting married(everyone coming along in a dress or tux). Needless to say there was a lot of silliness during the ceremony and reception.

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