Oct 5, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Have You Joined A Guild Yet?

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If you’re a veteran of the MMO genre, you’ve no doubt been part of a guild somewhere along the way. Guilds function not just as a social construct, but become your in-game team with whom you practice and coordinate to progress in the multi-player game. Wether your guild was made up of family, friends or strangers, players make guilds and guilds make the community. They’re an an important part of being successful in these games.

Which brings us to today’s topic – are you, or will you be in a pre-release guild before Star Wars: The Old Republic launches?

Maybe you’re a part of a guild that has played other games together for years, and are making the move to TOR. Or perhaps you’ve met some like-minded folks on the official forums and decided to band together. Then again, you may just be waiting until you’re in the game to pick who you want to play with.

If you’ve followed BM&C, you’ll know my answer to this question: Yes.

Without going into detail, I joined Reign back in March of this year. The guild will be a year old this month, and like the rest of us, we’re all just waiting for the damn game to get here.

So let us know… ¬†Have you found a home already for when SW:TOR is released? Maybe you’re still waiting for when the game launches, or maybe you’re still up in the air on the idea.

Have you or will you join a pre-release guild for TOR?

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  1. Joined a unique guild. We have an Empire side and Republic side with the normal guild stuff for both sides being done, it will also be easier to set up some Empire vs Republic.

  2. Grinstone says:

    I voted a new guild from the TOR community because I found them while searching through the TOR guilds. The guild I joined are a group of folks who already play together on a few other games.

    The reason I joined them rather than stick with folks I already know is that all those people are in North America and I’m now parked in Europe. With the time difference the only realistic chance I’d have of playing with them would be on weekends, and even then only if they played during the day. I can say from experience that being virtually the only person online 80% of the time is not much fun.

    And so I went looking for an EU guild. Saw the name and thought, “Hey, these sound like my kind of people.”

    • Grinstone says:

      I should also mention that since they will have servers in Ireland I hope that maintenance and scheduled downtimes will happen at hours that do not adversely affect the majority of EU players.

      The City of Heroes folks are stretching their goodwill a bit thin with scheduled down times that fall into the middle of EU peak hours.

  3. I voted for yes / guild from another game. However. Our current guild is made up of people from our WoW guild as well as people we’ve met on the forums and RL friends who are interested in SWTOR! We’re a pretty diverse group. We’re exclusively 18+ so we can be free to say what we want, and we’ve got Huttball teams forming already! If anyone is interested drop us a line!

  4. I plan on waiting till the game launches, I’m assigned a server, and see how the local server guilds shake out. I think joining a guild of unknown people at this moment is a bit premature. The only reason (and I mean the only reason I could ever see) I’d join a guild early per-launch is if I knew everyone in it and we all agree to join the same server.

  5. After a long process I submitted a app to Ask A Jedi. The people whose posts I read, and comments I enjoy seem to be the people I hope to spend some of my galaxy crushing efforts along side

  6. Blacksage says:

    Most of the potential converts from my guild are going empire as much I like to play with them my decision to go republic remains firm. My Current GM recommended me to an RP guild in which he was a part of for a few years who have registered for TOR. I’ve never RP’d before but I have an overactive imagination so I don’t think the transition should be TO radical if fact I think I’ll have some fun with it since my sentinel, like me will have an attitude

  7. I rejoined a guild I was with in Star Wars Galaxies. ‘Jedl’ This is a strong guild with sub-guilds created for all the classes. If you like huge guild atmosphere or Strong RP play style you might want to check us out.

  8. my guild, ultimate x assassins,is made up mostly of ppl I know in real life and a few new people from the tor universe. I have had only 1 or 2 of those ppl in my guilds in other games

  9. I’m with my mutli-gaming guild that I joined with for Rift. :) Best decision I ever made and I can’t wait to play SWTOR with them! Guardians lead the way! ;) Also nice that we have a Republic and a Sith division. So if I wanted to try the Sith side I could still play with guildmates on a different server. :)

  10. I wanted to be in a large guild. Start early on and get an Officer role where I will be respected, RESPECT. I’m currently in the second largest US-West Republic PvP guild. It’s exciting! And it doesn’t hurt that everyone in it is active and cool.

    I don’t really see a point in putting it off, especially if you’re following the game pre-launch. You might as well get on the band wagon now. I feel like my experience is complete with all the work we’ve been doing. We will be more established when the game goes live.

    Indignation FTW!

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