Sep 27, 2011

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BioWare Ireland Opens As Global Customer Service Center For Star Wars: The Old Republic

Electronic Arts and BioWare announced yesterday the opening of their new state-of-the-art global customer service center in Galway, Ireland. Known as BioWare Ireland, they’re hiring for 400 customer service positions in the location in support of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This backs up, in a big way, what BioWare has been stating for some time in regards to their desire to have the quality of service match the quality of game.

BioWare Co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka had this to say:

“MMO launches are complex, and we are determined to set a new standard for a high quality, stable, smooth launch for our fans. Our new BioWare facility and team in Galway is critical to ensuring we deliver on that goal.”

BioWare Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid added to the excitement yesterday Tweeting about the news and the potential to join the Star Wars: The Old Republic team:

@Rockjaw: Watching the Irish PM / An Taoiseach announce that @bioware Ireland is going to expand to 400 jobs! Want to work for #SWTOR anyone?

They’re not only looking for English-speakers, but German and French as well. If you’re interested in applying to work in Galway, head on over to BioWare’s career page and check out the openings for yourself!


  1. I would love to live in Ireland and work for Bioware. Hello!! :D

  2. well at least i’ll not be complaining or dont understand wtf they are saying since irish tongue are the most awesome language evar. their accent is even more awesome, i have a clan mate who is from Ireland.

  3. I pray to whatever deity will listen that when I call support they answer in Irish accents.

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