Sep 23, 2011

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Are You With Us Or Against Us? Join Ask A Jedi In Guild Alignment!

If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy!” ¬†Ok, sorry. Let’s not do that…

In case you missed it Wednesday, Star Wars: The Old Republic moved just a little closer to launch as BioWare kicked off Phase 2 of the Pre-Launch Guild Program! This means that you can now choose other friendly guilds to ally with, and select guilds of the opposite faction as adversaries!

And we would like nothing more than for Ask A Jedi to fill those roles for your guild!

When Phase 1 of the Pre-Launch Guild Program kicked off back in March, we went to work right away to create an official guild for Ask A Jedi. But that was only a Republic side solution – what about all of our readers who are supporters of the Empire? For them, we have Ask A Sith. Whichever side of the galactic fence you’re on, we’re out to build a true Outpost for Citizens of The Old Republic!

And of course, anyone and everyone is welcome to join the guilds with their characters as well – we want to provide a friendly, social place for friends of AAJ to hang out and discuss the game – in the game! Now, we probably aren’t going to be your progression guild, but we will be a great spot to park an alt to mix and mingle with the AAJ community!

So, wether you’re guild defends the Galactic Republic or fights for Sith Empire, no matter if you want to be an ally or an adversary, we’ve got you covered! Click on one of the badges below to jump to the official guild page on to become our ally, our adversary or our guildmate.

  1. lol, I see you already have and adversary.

  2. My Empire Guild is Black Dragon Pirates. Our sister guild on the Republic is Exiles of Lowca. Feel free to add us as an Ally/Adversary. Both Guilds are a little larger than they appear we got some stragglers who have not signed up yet.

  3. So riddle me this Lethality…..
    Is the plan to have AAJ and AAS both list each other as foes.
    It sure would be nice to have solid guild to rely on when I want to get my Sith on!

  4. I’ll be willing to join the Repbulic guild but Bioware only lets us join 1 guild per account.

  5. I can’t join on my main account (in a guild). But you know for sure I’ll put my backup in there to come hang out and see what you guys are up to. :)

  6. LOL aas has 1 member, and aaj only 22, I thought quit a lot of people would have joined such an awesome site’s guild… Then again, I’m alrdy in one so I’m afraid I won’t…

    • This isn’t a recruitment campaign, it’s more about the alignment. And obviously just like you, people aren’t going to, for the most part, commit their main character to a non-progression guild especially this early. But you can expect both guilds to be full (500) at launch :)

  7. Darth Rageous says:

    I posted a thread in your guys public forums saying I would love for you guys to consider us as allies I think it would be really cool if that were to happen it would give us a good time see you guys 12/20/11!

  8. I think I will join the ask a jedi guild what more do I want from a guild that has one of the most informative sites out there.

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