Sep 3, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Did You Get A Beta Weekends Invite?

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If you’re a regular reader of Blue Milk & Cereal, you might notice I’m not the usual author. I’m filling in for him today because he had something else come up this weekend that he had to attend to.

But what could be more important than writing about Star Wars: The Old Republic? Apparently, playing it! Yes, that’s right – he was one of the lucky few invited to the very first Beta Weekend as previously announced, and detailed last weekend at PAX Prime.

As I congratulated him with the most genuine smile I could muster, thankful that, since I didn’t get an invite, I would still have time to mow my lawn and paint my fence this weekend, I contemplated what the topic of this morning’s article would be.  That’s when it dawned on me, what better topic for BM&C on the first Beta Weekend than to find out just how many AAJ readers got the golden ticket… er… email!

Just please remember to not post anything that would be against the NDA, which is absolutely everything except saying you’re in :)

Did you get an invite to the first TOR Beta Weekend?

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  1. The devtracker says that they had some sort of an issue affecting the tester system. They haven’t even sent out the invites for this weekend yet.

  2. So I take it they sent all the invites to the dead accounts?

  3. First … thanks Lethality for taking some salt and rubbing it into the wound of beta rejection. I mean the sobbing had just subsided here, and BAM Blue Milk and Cereal reminds me of the kick in the metaphorical nuts of inclusion I received because my email address was not selected by the 12 hamsters they have running their random number generator. I know I should always come here to AAJ first to ‘get right’ with my day.
    Like you my weekend is filling with the benign … the average .. the filler.

  4. In a sad attempt to put a positive spin on my lack of an invite, perhaps it is a good thing that we didn’t get in this weekend. They commented that the testing will continue through out September and if we only get invited for one weekend, wouldn’t the last weekend be the best? Considering that there are four weekends in September, they would have three weekends to get unexpected bugs out of the game and we would end up having a cleaner experience.

    Look at the troubles they were having with people accepting the invites. On that potentially final beta weekend, the people who get invites should have no trouble accepting the invite, downloading the game and logging in for the first time.

    Now, I’m not willing to give up my chance at getting an invite just to be in on the last weekend. I’ll take it when it gets here, but this thought process helps the wound heal a little faster.

  5. Well, I’m in EU so I wasn’t expecting anything. Doubt I’ll see beta at all.
    This is a small thing though. Just wait when they announce the Early Game Access for Europe being delayed.
    Eternal suffering awaits =(

  6. I had several of my dad’s factories cease working and open many hundreds of email accounts and apply for beta, but none of them got me in – so I had daddy fire them all.

    Hopefully this new set of workers opens more.

    PS: Fewer invites went out this week – the amount of people invited per week should increase per SR.

  7. I am in the EU so I didn’t expect an invite, I am hoping next weekend the EU will feature as well. Then there is always the slim chance of an invite to Game Testing which they are now saying are going out to the EU “early next week”. But really I am hoping for a Beta Weekend invite, as I know I have a far higher chance of getting that than a general game testing invite.

  8. EU here, so no :( hopefully next weekend :)

  9. I am pretty sad that I did not get an invite this week, because I have been registered for beta testing on the site since 2009, and I figured since they said the invites would come out sooner for people who had signed up for testing a while back, I would have a pretty good chance. But congrats to whoever did get an invite though.

  10. No, and the beta invites should have been done by registration date, not by random.

    • well in all honesty they are not random.

      If you take part of the population and segregate them and deny them access (fan site owners and operators)

      and then select from the rest

      It cant truly be called random because your base is skewed.

      am I aggravated about not being in yet?

      you bet. :/

    • Well, i’m guessing it’s partially random and partially filtered. i would assume they will filter all those accounts that havent been too active, be it simple logins or actual forum activity (especially lately), so that they have lowered the chance of sending invites to ‘dead’ accounts. And sicne they said the would be preferring older accounts, they maybe just send out 60% of invites to those registered before 2010 and 40% to those after. (and keep in mind, after 2010 MAAAANY more accounts were created, especially lately. so if you said 100.000 accounts before and 200.000accounts (fictivy numbers) after 2010 and 10.000 invites, this means that 6000 invites for 100.000 people while 4000 invites for 200.000 people.

      Please keep in mind these were totally random picked numbers just to illustrate my point, i don’t wanna argue with someone over the “validity” of my “knowledge” :))

      Well, since i am German/EU i really dont expect to get into beta. i’d LOVE to but considering the pure NUMBERS of signups for testing… it’s just math… and math is a bitch :)

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