Sep 1, 2011

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All The Galaxy’s A Stage: RP Tracker

All The Galaxy’s A Stage is a regular column at Ask A Jedi with some lofty, creative goals.  On one hand, we will be discussing and exploring meaningful topics to support the role-play experience and community.  On the other hand, we also want to introduce the casual Role-Player to the writing-acting experience that can add so much more to an MMORPG like Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Share your perspectives and experience as we co-create magical story in that galaxy far, far away!

We are delighted to introduce the RP Tracker.  From this point forward, the first All The Galaxy’s A Stage article of each month will be focused on highlighting something exceptional that we here at Ask A Jedi have observed related to RP.

To kick things off it’s my pleasure to raise your attention to Segellion’s Guide to Roleplaying over at  RP guides are always going to be frought with controversy.  Some players will tell you that they do not care for being told how to RP.  Others, such as myself, will tell you that a guide related to RP that offers suggestions in a respectful and objective way can be of benefit to the community and, in particular, players new to the genre.

With many years of RPing it is not often that I get to read a guide that objectively provides me with a pleasant surprise.  In my opinion, Sagellion’s article is an exceptional guide overviewing RP.  The author offers their opinions on what being a good Role-Player is about, some of the styles of RP in PvP and PvE, some of the benefits of RPing as well as a consideration of the finer details of this most obtuse craft.  The use of specific and concrete examples really do help clarify his points.  His writing style is snappy and to the point.

If you’re new to RP this guide is an excellent place to start (hence my selecting it as the first RP Tracker topic).  And even if you’re a grizzly RP veteran you might appreciate some of the subtler coverage of very important ideas related to our beloved pasttime.

Do you have something related to Role-Play that you would like to share with the community?  Has your RP greatly benefitted from a similar kind of guide or resource in the past?  If so, please let us know in the comments below.  We’ll be looking for the cream of the crop to highlight here at Ask A Jedi.  I’m certain there is inspiration for RP out there that I’ve not read or seen yet!

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