Aug 26, 2011

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Friday Update: Eternity Vault Developer Walkthrough!

That’s right folks – the Dallas Dickinson-narrated walkthrough covering the first Operation is now live! It’s shown from the Sith Empire viewpoint.

While it may not be the most amazingly epic of epic bossfights (and the preview portion certainly flirted with some epic moments), it was (I think) a great show of what to expect in TOR. There were, by my count, 3 mechanics to be avoided (LOS for the missiles, the “slam” missile attack that forces players to run out of the party, and glowing red “void zones” or “stand here, it’s warm in the fire” spots), as well as perhaps a timer – the group seemed as if they wanted to press the attack and not be complacent about line of sight-ing the large missile attack. Very intriguing start. And before the swarm of angry bees on the internet screams, “It looks too easy!” remember that this is a group that has played this before, and that entry-level content is entry.

Also, healers, you should be happy. You are being given the option of putting up a larger (better, I would imagine) raid UI for helping out your healing endeavors!

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  1. Very cool. Watched it live last week via the stream from Gamescom, and just as happy to watch it again. Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Not really an update if it came out last week with interviews in about 10 different languages.

    Now if you have been hiding under a rock and not using the internet all week, then it maybe one.

    • Meaning no disrespect, but the number of people who follow every single update for this game every day is not as large as you may think.

      I’m an avid SWTOR fan, I have a solid internet connection, and I’m even in a pre-launch guild with over a hundred members, but even I had other responsibilities these past few weeks and have not been keeping up. This update was great for people like me, because we don’t have the time or frankly the patience to go through the mountains of coverage to find information.

    • It’s an update for the many people who only check out the official website. Who do not troll the forums on there, or come to fan sites (like this awesome one). The Friday updates are meant for everyone, not just us superfans.

      • When you said superfans, all I could think of was, “Da Bears, Da Bears, Da Bears, Da Bears!”

        On a side note: while it might be “old” news to the people who frequent fansites and scour the interwebz for a new gem amidst a sea of information, not everyone is a data buccaneer brandishing a cutlass and shouting mad pirate gibberish when the weekly treasure map returns just a few gold doubloons.

        So stow your squawking, matey, and set sail for PAX Prime and plunder!

        • Now all i can picture is Chris Farley dressed like Darth Malgus with his tummy hanging out swinging back and forth sing/chanting “Daaa-Sith-Da-Sith-Da-Sith-Da-Sith!”

          Extended pirate metaphor ftw! Well done sir.

    • You don’t need to follow the website or other religously to have seen this last week. A few of the people that I sub to that their YT channels are not about SWTOR but gaming in general posted this during the German show.

      That said as the people at SWTOR knew the videos were out there as in a few interviews they admitted it in questioning, they knew most had seen it but still released this.

      It was interesting to see that some of the UI seemed to be customized, from where the party bars where from 3 different people we followed.

  3. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SEE THE Eternity Vault!!! Holy Crap!
    How small is this game – do they have nothing else to show?!?

  4. Thunderos says:

    OT : If this is the big raid at top lvl (at least for launch till first extension) then how come it can be done with 8 ?

    Dont get me wrong it looks freakin awesome to play but still would like to have seen a huge 16-24 people raid which feels a lot more “epic” then 8.

  5. I disagree…I have been to all the sites and this particular video was never shown.

    Yes we have seen eternity vault but it has always been off camera…this was an on camera viewing and very crisp and clean.

    WE also got to see the RAID heal bar for healers, the Sorcerer do an in battle res, and clear UI configurations rather than the blurry side camera shot views.

    I for one enjoyed it even though I have seen other Eternity Vault videos.

  6. I really liked this video because you can dig deeper with it’s higher quality than in the Gamescom videos.

    For instance I see health ranging from 8k-14k so you get an idea of health at level 50. You also hear about a battle rez from the sorcerer class, which I personally didn’t know they had yet either. It is nice to get a basis for everything in the game if you pay attention. You could probably figure out the dps rotation some what even.

  7. Indeed. There are many new aspects of Operations/class abilities and so on to take from this vid, not to mention the fact it’s just good to have decent HD rather than some blur-o cam.

    To everyone just making assumptions about about the tactics to this fight, I’m guessing many of you are the type that are just used to reading a strat on some site or other rather than working stuff out for your selves. There are clearly more abilities being used in this fight by the boss than where explained. Take another look.

    For those people moaning about 8 man not being epic – maybe want to go back and check out one of BioWares original statement regarding combat for TOR – namely, 20 plus guys all attacking one boss is not as epic as a few guys taking on a whole host of mobs. Something I agree with.

    It’s also somewhat interesting to see that many people that comment on what they have seen of the EV so far seem to be under the impression that it’s BioWares job to make encounter design and difficulty carry on from WoW’s current level of raiding. I feel like everyone is forgetting this is the FIRST encounter of the FIRST operation of a NEW game.

  8. pwnttothemax says:

    great video! i love seeing the dark side in action, and i can’t wait to get ingame.

    however i was bugged by one thing: the “re-incarnate” skill. really? re-incarnate? can they stop pretending this is a WoW mod for one second and that the sith sorcerer isn’t just a “necromancer”-type with a lightsaber? like, at least make it “force re-incarnation” or “Dark Revival” or something like that!

    i hope the story arcs are all they’re cracked up to be, cause i know a million little things like that will bug the sh*t out of me come launch! lol


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