Aug 24, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Trooper PvP Gameplay From TotalBiscuit

TotalBiscuit is really making a name for himself on the TOR scene, and that’s a good thing – ┬ábecause he’s awesome! ┬áNot only is he intelligent and entertaining to listen to, he understands the importance of gameplay video to fans!

Without further adieu, check out 16 minutes of 1080p HD Trooper PvP gameplay lovin’!



  1. All Hail Ming says:

    If there was any doubt that this game will rock, it’s gone now! This looks so friggin awesome.

    Great commentary on the play. Would love to see more of these vids.

  2. Dear AAJ,

    While I sincerely appreciate your veritable smorgasbord of awesome SWTOR preview stuffs, you seem to be increasing my excitement for this game exponentially. I fear that I might implode at any moment. Because of this, I am unsure whether I should continue to jump around yelping like a hyperactive puppy or ask you to desist.

    Sincerely yours,


  3. I swear his commentary would make watching paint dry entertaining.
    This vid has almost added Trooper to the mix of first toon rolled

  4. Castle333 says:

    Loved watching this entertaining swtor warzone gameplay footage with commentary. I knew pvp was going to be fun, but i did not know it was going to be THAT fun. Can`t wait to play it myself.

  5. I agree this vid just made me want to play a trooper. that scattershot ability was kick a**. This is the first game in which i plan to have multiple alts. its just with every new video more and more awesome stuff comes out to where i cant make up my mind what class to play as first although i think it will be jedi

  6. royaldufus says:

    im sorry to be the negitive one here but i dont really get why u have so much health at lvl 15 and why u can hit 1000’s normaly and it seems that some of the classes in pvp will be really OP

    • He was getting hit just as hard, like when that Merc. just nuked him his health dropped “dramastically” ;)

      this video just made my mind up, i was debating between a power tech and a merc. bounty hunter and I’m going to have to go with the best defense is a LOT of rockets and twin blasters LOL

      … im so excited :D

    • @Royaldufus: I think it has been said that in PvP, players are powered up or down so as to be “within 10%” of eachother in regards to powers and HP.

  7. Darn, Trooper has long been in the third place in my toons list, but… this video almost made me change my mind :3 The trooper looks reaaally cool to play. At least it’s fun to watch. Can’t wait !

  8. Best SWTOR Warzone gameplay movie yet.

  9. Anyone else think that he was fighting AI: Republicfive had tracking issues when trying to navigate the ramp up to IVOR, TB.

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