Aug 16, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Total Access Coverage

We are at the very peak of convention season, and arguably none is bigger than gamescom, Europe’s largest gaming convention, which kicks off its 2011 show this week. And of course, we know that BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic will have a big presence there!

Keep up with Ask A Jedi as we track all of the important news and announcements coming out of the show, and hopefully bring a few surprises of our own as well! We already know that BioWare will be showing some in-game operation footage of the Eternity Vault, but what other announcements or reveals will we see?

This post will serve as ground-zero for overall gamescom coverage, so bookmark it and visit often. Click past the jump for total access!




Electronic Arts Press Conference

Video courtesy of

Cliff Notes of the presser:

  • Will treat the game as a high-quality service, it will be smooth right from launch.
  • Story is a real differentiator.
  • Crafting a rewarding endgame is the key to keeping MMO players for years.
  • Live Eternity Vault gameplay – 8 BioWare peeps – in Imperial shirts
  • New Eternity Vault gameplay trailer (pre-recorded)

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gamescom TOR Schedule

If you’re lucky enough to be in Cologne this week, here’s the show schedule:

Thursday, August 18th

  • 10AM – 8PM CEST (4AM – 2PM EDT) – Show Floor Open

Friday, August 19th

  • 10AM – 8PM CEST (4AM – 2PM EDT) – Show Floor Open

Saturday, July 23rd

  • 9AM – 8PM CEST (3AM – 2PM EDT) – Show Floor Open

Sunday, July 24th

  • 9AM – 6PM CEST (3AM – 12PM EDT) – Show Floor Open

Community Meet & Greet

Chris Collins posted the gamescom Meet & Greet Details:

As we previously mentioned, we’ll be holding a Star Wars: The Old Republic Meet & Greet event during GamesCom! 

For those that are attending the show, if you want to take a bit of a break from the mayhem, feel free to come join the team for drinks, food and music on Friday 19th August from 8PM at The Renaissance Hotel in Cologne! Details of how to get to the hotel can be found on their site.

Attendance is strictly limited, so we’ll be letting people in on a first-come, first served basis. The event is strictly over 18’s only, so you will need to bring a form of identification that displays your date of birth, such as a Drivers License or passport. 

So if you can, why not come and join some of the team from Star Wars: The Old Republic for an evening general merriment and relaxation!




  1. At least now whenever people complain that the game looks too easy we can say WIIIIIIPE! Devs got rocked pretty hard in that demo.

  2. Nice little demo of the Eternity Vault. Short but sweet.

  3. -50 DKP for dying in matching t-shirts

  4. cant wait for the HD videos of this :)

    That said, european press conference yet not a mention what so ever of when they will let euros in? Disappointed.

  5. Philip Hannum says:

    It would have been nice to see how the dev’s get back to their bodies and if the instance resets from the beginning or does just the mini-boss that just wiped them reset. Very nice none the less and the nerdgasms have been none stop.

  6. Excellent coverage, by the way.

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