Aug 15, 2011

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Guild Testing Details Posted

Senior Community Coordinator David Bass delivered on a promise to post the Guild Testing details tonight, and he has done just that right here!

How do I sign my guild up for Guild Testing?

All you need to do in order to have your guild considered for Guild Testing is to have an active guild with at least 10 members registered in our Guild Headquarters. We also recommend creating a recruitment thread on our forums, but please make sure you are following the Recruitment Guidelines we’ve set forward. Guilds that spam recruitment messages after multiple warnings, for example, will not be considered for Guild Testing.

It seems that no special action is required on the part of the guild or guild leaderrship to become eligible for selection. Simply meet the 10 member requirement, and hope for the best!

This is a huge milestone in the game’s development cycle, and no doubt many players are very excited at the opportunity to get their chance to test The Old Republic! Head over to the official forums to read David’s entire post, and then get busy with your guild!


  1. Dammit Lethality start a AAJ guild and get us in!!!!!

  2. -Rushes to guild page for member count, sees we only have 9 members-


  3. I would like to see them test features of larger guilds like The Corellian League (yes I am a member :D )

    Even though they say that everyone has an equal chance of getting in, I do not see them giving the ok to allow a 499 member guild in.

    I hope I am wrong because I am dying for some game breaking beta testing.

  4. I really can not understand, how this close to launch, that european beta/gametesting still has not begun.

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