Aug 12, 2011

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Friday Upate – Fan Friday and Gamescom

This Friday, the Old Republic has treated us to another Fan Friday! Pre-PAX and Gamescom, it’s unsurprising – those will have big game news. Onward community spotlight!

For the community creations, JenFX has her lost Twi’lek piece displayed (her website contains other great pieces as well), and a French forum-goer by the name of norzeele has his Republic propaganda piece shown. For those into faux propaganda, it’s a nice bit of work!

I don't know about you, but it makes me want to join.

To wrap-up the artwork, we have “Tatooine Sunday” by Alliant. Very well done – inspired by the E3 Tatooine coverage, it’s a great piece for the iconic Star Wars planet.

For the Fansite Spotlight, this week the attention is turned to Chimera, an EU-centric (French) guild. I highly encourage people to check their website; it’s well done!

Now for the goodies: there are 3 new wallpapers, all based off of the Return cinematic – and also some image phrases in Aurebesh. To which I have only one reply:

The final word.

As a separate update about Gamescom, they included some last details before the show. They did promise new details, as well as a demonstration of the Eternity Vault, so keep your eyes peeled next week everyone! We’ll have all the updates here.

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  1. Not relevant to fan friday (awesome Twi’lek wallpaper)
    Blockbuster (denmark) has listed the release date of swtor as 24 th of november. This is ofc not solid in anyway before bioware says so, but I have heard this date listed on other pages. I do believe this to be a very likely release date

  2. and a Win back to you! ;)
    but where did I miss the wallpapers?

  3. I enjoy fan Fridays, though it irks me that they no longer select writing, only artwork. As someone with a fan fic up on the forums, I hoped it might get a nod one day. I can live with it remaining ignored by the devs, but writers (in general) deserve some love too!

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