Aug 11, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: How Many Hours Per Week Will You Play TOR?

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The MMO genre is infamous for requiring a lot of time and commitment from its players. Some say it is because the MMO genre combines aspects of other genres into one, thereby attracting many people and allowing them to do a lot of things they could not typically do in other games. Others say that the MMO genre is so “addictive” due to its gameplay progression systems, or dependance on the actual interaction and cooperation with other players, as well as the presence of very sophisticated  social networks in form of guilds. Regardless of what it is, we all know that primarily we’re looking at a game being fun to play – which in itself will absorb a lot of time.

There is an ongoing thread that asks the same question and the results are quite wide-spread with about 50% of people claiming a plan to spend about 10-30 hours a week on TOR. There is also a fairly large group of players (over 17% ) that set their bar to 60+ hours a week. Of course, at this stage the official forums are generally populated by people who are extremely passionate about gaming and in TOR specifically, so such results are to be expected. Personally, I am going for a simple approach – “whenever I am not working or outside – I am on TOR”.

What about you? How many hours per week do you plan to spend on TOR? Does this differ from how you played other MMOs in the past? Let us know!

How many hours per week do you think you'll spend playing TOR?

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  1. Well as soon as there is a definitive release date I plan on using a weeks worth of vacation time.

  2. I will probably hit it hard for a week or so with about 4 hours a night, but my normal gaming time is 3 or 4 hours for about 3 or 4 nights a week.

  3. I am feast or famine, some days u can set aside 5+ others hopefully enough to check my cooldowns

  4. ScytheNoire says:

    Title is a bit messed up.
    All depends if I find a job or not.

  5. I average about 1.5 hours a day playing games, so I will likely be in the 10-20 hour a week range.

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