Aug 8, 2011

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SWTOR FTW Weekly: PAX, Consulars And Other Big Things

It’s time once again to kick back, relax, and review the week in TOR in style, courtesy of FTW Broadcasting!

This week we learn about BioWare’a plans for PAX later this month, plus get our look at the long-awaited Jedi Consular class video. Also, just what “one more big thing” might Game Diector James Ohlen be talking about?

All that and more in this edition of SWTOR FTW Weekly!


  1. re: Esseles/”Holy Kark”.
    The only “horrible” part in it, hands down, is how casual they are post-murder. However, the excuse for that is simple: once the ‘branch dialogue’ is concluded, it continues along its normal path, ignoring your deviations – so that’s not really their fault.

    I was a combat medic serving in Iraq; sometimes there are hard choices that need to be made for the greater good, and this can mean you have to let someone die. This is not evil. This is pragmatic. It’s not good, either, inherently; it’s a decision no one ever wants to be forced to make, and if you’re forced to make it, no matter what you do, if lives are lost, you will probably never stop second-guessing yourself and wishing you could have done it ‘better’. Looking on it with the perspective of distance and time, it’s easy to see the ‘right way’.

    But you have to do the best thing you can do with the knowledge you have at the time, and the idea that this is the most evil thing you can ever do, the most morally repugnant concept anyone has ever seen, is shallow and personally insulting. I’ve never spaced someone; but I’ve let someone die so that I could save more lives than just theirs. I’ve even let people die who did not have to die, because I misinterpreted another patient’s seriousness. I won’t ever stop blaming myself, but it doesn’t mean I was ‘evil’ – and who knows what position the Esseles flashpoint was put in?

    If the Imps are going to flush the entire ship, and you don’t know how long you have, running to all the corners of the ship and risking hundreds of lives for the sake of five men who are enlisted troops… well. Ask any soldier if they’d be willing to give up their life to make sure a hundred soldiers live.

    It’s childish to point fingers at them and call them evil.

    • Agreed on the lack of apparent awareness of the severity of the choice made. Though its hard to know the motivation of the character. Maybe they were really being heartless and so to have that acted out on screen would not make sense either. Probably best for a dramatic fade to black for a few extra seconds. Let the players mind fill in the gap. Then it starts up again. It would seem more realistic.

      • I can see where you are coming from there. Perhaps these characters have acted in this way in the past and this is just another tough part of war and their fight. Fade to black would have worked…. but perhaps the feelings of the characters don’t always have to be shown on screen. During that part, isn’t it sufficient to have the player feeling guilty about their decisions? Just a thought.

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