Aug 5, 2011

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Friday Update – At Long Last, Consulars… + Comic-Con Wrap-up

We have our revenge!

In addition to a most welcome graphical update to the Consular page, we are also treated to a class video! If you haven’t watched the video yet, all I can say is that you are missing both a fine example of gameplay and abilities that we possibly haven’t seen before, but also some fantastic new music that was not part of the original Star Wars soundtrack.

Check out the new page and enjoy! Side note to SWTOR staff on the dev twitter: The teasing was okay. THIS TIME ONLY.

You might ask, what could possibly be better than 1 video in the update? That would be 2 videos! As at Pax and E3, we’re also being given a video of the highlights from SDCC!

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ was a big hit at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con! Thousands of fans visited the booth on the showfloor and the BioWare Base at the nearby Hilton Gaslamp hotel. They played through Origin Worlds, Flashpoints, and even got to be among the first to play PvP. The crowds were incredible and once again we are grateful for the consistently positive responses to the game.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us in San Diego, we’ve put together a highlights video to share the San Diego Comic-Con experience with everyone. BioWare and LucasArts thank each and every one of you for your continuing support and excitement for Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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  1. Outstanding! Gratz to the future Consulars out there, you finally got your video. Now you can join the other classes still waiting on an armor progression vid. :)

    • And WHAT a video it was. The Sage is my main and I was TOTALLY stoked by that video. We got all sorts of TK, Healing, Combat, and Confusion type powers. The overall vibe of calm amidst the storm just did it for me and sealed the class. I even wondered if I saw some Soresu stance in there.


  2. Makes me want to play one now, maybe i should make a shadow.

  3. So.. first time we saw a Nautolan in-game, right? Companion or PC I wonder…

    • I’m guessing companion, since we see him several times. Sure it could just be an NPC that is part of a mission, but just struck me as companion. Of course I have been wrong before… from time to time.

    • pagandog says:

      Probably companion. I still think there is a chance people will be able to unlock new races as a legacy character though…

  4. Great class video! Lots of action and interesting story with the Healing class. Graphics also look great when I watched it in 720p!

  5. Seems a ton of people on the forums are complaining about the same thing being pulled out of the ground ALL the time, no matter what’s surrounding them.

  6. Yeah i hope that the nautolan is either a companion or legendary unlockable playable class. I know my alt would definantly be nautolan unless they let us use kel dor’s which in that case got to go with the Kel dor. Plo Koon was my favorite jedi right under Mace and right above Fisto

  7. Kryssprollz says:

    Lethality : did you see the MBP and Dell side by side in front of Stephen Reid ? It must hurt to have to carry a PC just to log in your own game…

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