Jul 24, 2011

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SDCC 2011: BioWare Base Q&A #3 Video

Tonight was the developer Meet & Greet at San Diego Comic-Con, and as part of that, the BioWare Austin guys held another Q&A session with fans to kick it off. Besides the usual suspects, this panel included special guest Jennifer Hale, who voices none other than Satele Shan, as well as the female Trooper.

Lucky for us, the Q&A was streamed live on BioWare TV so if you missed it and don’t feel like sifting through the forums, just hit play below, kick back, and relax!

Some new-ish items of note that came out of the Q&A:

  • Will probably see talent trees before launch
  • Can have opposite faction characters on the same server
  • “Heroic” versions of Flashpoints under consideration
  • Jennifer Hale seems cool
  • Add-ons are definitely on the way but not for launch
  • Guild features to be expanded right after launch – high priority (side note – BioWare is hiring a Senior Social Systems Designer)
  • Eternity Vault is the only Operation at launch
  • Can keep your weapon from the beginning of the game to the end, due to weapon customization
  • Racial attributes and abilities are planned, probably in for launch


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  1. This type of sit down makes me disappointed I could not find a way to attend.

  2. SorcererBiggz says:

    Jennifer Hale seemed like she didn’t even care about the project. I feel kind of bad for Alexander and Drew, they didn’t have any questions today. Unfortunately I bet if DE was up there he would’ve gotten many questions in comparison. I think they could have removed Hale, Drew, and Alex and this would’ve been just as good. Also I feel like Bass had to throw in that youngling just to tick of some people.

  3. I don’t like how they sometimes half-a** answer questions which leads to more confusion.

    Yes you can keep your beginner weapon the whole time, but weapons later on have more slots for upgrades so you would be gimping yourself to keep the beginner one

  4. Castle333 says:

    I like that last question that guy asked. Its true, i personally dont want SWTOR at end game to be like WoW. There is nothing wrong with WOW but i mean come on it got boring after the 2nd expansion where all you do is get gear to get in raids and such. I really hope they make it more about skill then gear.

  5. Nighthaunter says:

    Just one operation, that’s a bit of a disappointment.

    Hopefully there will be more a few months after launch.

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